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month ten

Chicken, can I start this out with some whining? For the second time this year, your month birthday is landing on a major holiday. This time it's one of my favorites--Thanksgiving. Mama woke up feeling ok, walked Maggie, took your monthly pictures, and then started feeling bad. I was hoping it was just my non-gallbladder acting up but I think it's a stomach virus. Woe is me. So I had Daddy help me finish food prep and sent the two of you to your aunt and uncle's. I'm so disappointed I'm not there with you--your entire family is there (both sides of our family--Mama's and Daddy's). Sigh... But I'm sure you're having a good time and that everyone is enjoying the kick-off to the real holiday season with not one but two babies. Ok, rant over.

What all happened this month? You got bit by the other little girl at daycare. Sometimes she doesn't want to share with you (meaning she wants what you have) and you give in but I've heard that other times y…


Interesting article:

I've been watching the news lately. I'm amused by the hordes of people camping out and demonstrating (or whatever they're doing). They say they're "occupying."

Well, occupying isn't enough.

A rock occupies a spot on the ground. Does the rock do anything? Not much.

And that's the point. A rock can be a formidable weapon (if it's a big enough rock, or if it carries a significant velocity), but when it's just occupying a space on the ground, all its energy is "potential" energy. It doesn't do anything but have potential.

Money can be used for great good, but until it's put into motion, it's got a lot of potential, but it really doesn't do a lot of good (except make those of us who worry a lot feel a little better).

People have great potential -- but unless they/we use that potential, move in the right direction, and do more than occupy a spot, people don't do a heck of a lot of good.

The key in all of t…