month ten

Chicken, can I start this out with some whining? For the second time this year, your month birthday is landing on a major holiday. This time it's one of my favorites--Thanksgiving. Mama woke up feeling ok, walked Maggie, took your monthly pictures, and then started feeling bad. I was hoping it was just my non-gallbladder acting up but I think it's a stomach virus. Woe is me. So I had Daddy help me finish food prep and sent the two of you to your aunt and uncle's. I'm so disappointed I'm not there with you--your entire family is there (both sides of our family--Mama's and Daddy's). Sigh... But I'm sure you're having a good time and that everyone is enjoying the kick-off to the real holiday season with not one but two babies. Ok, rant over.

What all happened this month? You got bit by the other little girl at daycare. Sometimes she doesn't want to share with you (meaning she wants what you have) and you give in but I've heard that other times you stand your ground. Good for you. Since you're cruising pretty well now (along furniture, etc) daycare has become a 3-ring circus. Two of you are walking and then you're cruising. Well, I guess some days it's a 4-ring circus as your little cousin has joined y'all this month. I'm very excited that y'all will hopefully get to spend a lot of time together growing up.

No doctor's visit this month so I'm not sure how long you are. It seems like your weight gain has slowed down (right around 22 lb) and your thunder thighs are thinning out a bit. I was oddly sad to see that. You're just such a big girl now. I can't believe you were so little and helpless such a short time ago.

Even though your weight has evened out, you still LOVE eating. You feel very mistreated if you are around others who are eating and you're not. Even if you have JUST eaten. Sometimes distraction works but usually we just give you a tiny bit of something appropriate for you. You still love feeding yourself. And you have 6 teeth!

You are very chatty these days but still mostly "dadadada" with an occasional "mamamama" thrown in. No real words yet but I do think you're starting to understand more. You kind of know how to turn light switches on and off if I hold you next to them--a skill I'm fond of right now as 1) you can't reach them on your own and 2) sometimes my hands are full so you provide an extra one.

The funniest thing this month is that we figured out that your favorite joke is when someone puts something on their head. You laugh and laugh. It doesn't matter if it's a hat or a towel or a toy. The other evening, I kept putting a toy on my head and then would let it fall off (sometimes you like to remove it yourself). You started picking it up and handing it back to me so I could put it on my head again. It was quite a fun game.

That same night you pulled yourself up on the jogging stroller to try to get a toy in the seat. You couldn't quite reach it so the stroller started rolling. You almost fell down once but regained composure. Then it started rolling again. I think you would have fallen that time if it hadn't hit the coat rack. Part of me is a little surprised that you're not walking unassisted yet but I'm in no rush for it. You haven't stood alone yet either.

This month was also your first Halloween. You were, of course, a chicken. And a quite cute one at that. Mama went as a farmer and Daddy as a fireman. We went to a scary adult party but since you were so little none of the scary stuff scared you. I think that will be the last time we can go for awhile. That's ok, though, because next year we'll go trick-or-treating. I predict Daddy will eat all of the candy. The weekend before Halloween our family and your uncle's family ran and/or walked a 5k. It was cold but we all bundled up. You did great and we did way better on our time. It was, after all, your 2nd 5k. Mama has started running again so you come with me a few times a week.

Toward the end of this month you got sick (probably a virus) and rashy. You also got a yeasty diaper rash. We are still battling it. The fun part for you is that you get nakie time. Or at least pants-free time, depending on the temperature. I sure hope this goes away soon. If not, to the doctor we will go.

Last weekend we started a tradition with your cousin, auntie, and her mother. We all went to lunch and then shopped for Christmas dresses. Since y'all are so little this year, we got matching dresses. I think y'all will both be awfully cute. We hope to take pictures of y'all together and do this every year. Mama's thinking about a few other holiday traditions to start as well.

Sad news is that two days ago your great-grandmother died. Mama was very sad to hear this. Great-grandma was one day short of being 100 years and 10 months old. That's a VERY long time. And you know what? She was in mighty good shape until about the last 3 days. Chicken, that's pretty much the best we can hope for in this life. I'm so glad the two of you were able to meet.

I guess that's all I can think of today. As it's Thanksgiving, I'll tell you a few things I'm thankful for. The number 1 thing is you. I'm so thankful that you're here and that you're happy and healthy. The same goes for Daddy and the rest of our family. I'm thankful we both have Daddy. That Mama and Daddy have jobs that let us live a pretty comfortable life. That we have this fun house that you're growing up in. That we live close to lots of our family. And for things like the internet and pie and leftovers and safe transportation and literacy and free speech and did I mention you?


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