Saturday, July 31, 2010

15 weeks

Total weight gain: Hmm, perhaps I should have weighed myself on the scale at home the same day I was at the doctor last. Eh, let's assume I've probably gained no more than a pound this week. I'll try to remember to keep up with this after my next appointment.

Movement: Now, it could be nothing or indigestion or gas or my internal organs rearranging themselves but when I was going to bed one day this week it seemed as if there might have been a bit of fluttering. Or not. We'll see how this week goes.

Cravings: Nothing of note this week. There was one day when nothing sounded good for dinner so I splurged with Taco Bell. I just wanted some nachos. Don't judge. And I had a kid-sized root beer this week and it was mighty tasty. I don't know if I believe that eating healthy makes you not ever want those bad-for-you foods you were used to eating. Oh, wait! Peaches! Peaches have tasted exceptionally good this week.

Symptoms: Had a few tired days but I think that's probably more due to waking up early. You know, like normal people. I think I've also had a few brief twinges as the uterus expands. The baby's already an orange, people. I just keep thinking that if it were a tumor instead of a baby we'd be freaking out. Other than thoughts like that, no real crazy emotional outbursts this week.

Belly button: Still in.

Preparations: So I've been home/in-town all week. That's good for the mental health but bad for the wallet. Hubby ordered the crib and it actually arrived in a timely fashion. Huh. I'd heard all sorts of horror stories about how long it took for people to get cribs delivered. Not us. Didn't even take a week. We got the mattress, too. And I bought blinds (that I've been meaning to replace since I moved in), curtains, and have a plan to make valances for the two windows. Still plugging away at the quilt. No progress on the mobile. Oh! And I also bought a new shower curtain for the baby's bathroom. It's ridiculously cute. Other than re-painting a few accessories to match and maybe switching out one piece of art, I think everything else will stay as is in there. (And I've already taken to telling Hubby that "baby wanted fill-in-the-blank." As in "curtains" or "shower curtain.") A few sneak peeks...

Milestones: Finished telling work folks and no one was mad at me for potentially ruining their lives come January. And I took advantage of an awesome sale at Old Navy as well as a few giftcards I got through work and ordered a few pieces of maternity clothes! They came in yesterday. I figure since I'll be big pregnant through fall and winter, I'll possibly be layering. I ordered 3 cardigans that I'll be able to wear post-baby as well. And a tank top and t-shirt (good for layering). And 2 pair of jeans (because I had no idea what I was looking for in maternity pants and can always return what I don't want). But, hello?! They're both awesome. Can I keep them and wear them to Thanksgiving post-baby? Who knew I'd be all about comfort so soon... And pants without real waists totally fit that bill. It was a good haul all around. (But Katie B, still will take your cast-offs.)

Weekly wisdom: It seems like I try to take people's reactions/behaviors and learn from them. I've said and done some stupid things in the past and once I'm on the receiving end of those? I try to remember how I felt so that I won't give others reason to feel similarly. So, my tip? Don't give advice unless it's asked for. (I know, I'm not expecting this to will only get worse as it begins to get obvious to strangers that I'm pregnant.) And don't assume that what a pregnant person is feeling is due to the pregnancy. The rest of life still keeps truckin' along. (Please note that I'm not including predictions about baby's sex here. It's funny to me to hear who thinks what in that regard.)

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Thursday, July 29, 2010

pregnancy progress

It had been killing me to NOT blog about the whole pregnancy thing. Since I started blogging, journaling has become nearly non-existent. A few months ago, I had to break out pen and paper again. So here are some excerpts to catch you up on things.

May 16, 2010 ...I had my (thankfully) first positive UPT at about 3:00 this morning. I know, 3am. I really had to potty and was also a little anxious for the results. Hubby was up and I told him the results. He got up to go to the bathroom himself. A few seconds late he says, "I peed on it, too, and now it's saying we're not pregnant." I was very amused. So here we are. I'm feeling happy and only slightly freaked out.

June 12, 2010 I called Dr. B and made an appointment for the 25th. I was really surprised that they'd be able to and would want to see us so soon. They didn't really do much at that first appointment but it was nice to confirm the pregnancy. Finally, on June 10th...we had our first ultrasound. Again, nice to re-confirm the pregnancy and see the baby for the first time. We saw the heartbeat! In a baby the size of a blueberry! (I'll spare you the symptoms because, really, I've been doing quite well.) ...Everything we've done so far (just some bloodwork regarding genetic markers in me) have turned out fine. I am Rh- and Hubby is + so I'll need the shots for that. We've been reading tons of books about pregnancy and childbirth (see sidebar). Hopefully it will continue to go pretty smoothly.

June 26, 2010 So I'm 10 weeks today. I've still been feeling pretty good. Things are so busy with work. I started thinking that this baby--now a fetus instead of an embryo--is already pretty well-traveled... The big milestone for the fig-sized baby this week is that I got to hear its heartbeat. 172 bpm which is spot on. It was pretty exciting. Hubby wasn't at this appointment so he missed it but we'll get to hear it at every visit now. It was about a week early from when they normally start listening for a heartbeat so even more exciting that we found it. Baby was low and on my left side. Still doesn't seem real sometimes. We go in about 2 1/2 weeks for some screening tests and can find out the sex of the baby then. I'm now leaning towards finding out. We'll see.

July 20, 2010 At 13 weeks, 3 days. (Big news is that I)...can usually make it through the night without getting up to eat/pee... The baby has moved up in fruit size and is now a peach. Baby and I have still been pretty busy and traveling a lot. Just got back from Minnesota (more on that soon). I started making a quilt and mobile with fabric I picked out shortly before the 4th of July. Making pretty good progress. We told all the folks at the July 4th party. Everyone seemed happy for us. We drove up to Austin that following weekend to tell Hubby's grandma, uncle, and aunt. They were also happy. Grandma was pretty cute. (Baby is due one day prior to Grandma's 100th birthday.) ...Overall I'm feeling a little less freaked out telling people now. Not really sure what that was about before. Maybe concerned some people would judge...or that something would go wrong with the pregnancy. So had a doctor's appointment today but nothing exciting. Very reassuring to hear the baby's heartbeat (161-164 bpm). Last Wednesday, July 14th, we went in for our first screening ultrasound/bloodwork. That day Hubby got to hear the heartbeat for the first time (162 bpm). And we both got to see the baby look like a baby. Very exciting! I was a little emotional. There were arms, legs, heart, brain, face (with eyes and nose and lips). When I saw the profile, I teared up. I guess I just realized that I'll finally (hopefully) have some family resemblance to someone. Amazing. And I hear Hubby had a little red hair when he was born so I'm holding out hope for that. Overall, the baby looked good and is right on track. Thank goodness. So follow up with those folks in about a month. I'm also telling work tomorrow.

So that brings us current...or rather to last Saturday when I started blogging my progress. Seriously, so glad to be blogging about this. It's much easier than journal writing since my computer is always with me. More on Saturday...

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

wedding tuesday: sawin' it off

Ok, so I almost forgot to include a post about this. If you live in Texas, you know Aggies are a little crazy with tradition. Perhaps we're so crazy with tradition, you may know this even if you're a foreigner. One thing that I've really enjoyed at previous weddings of Aggie friends is that they pay tribute to our school.

How do we do that? We all get up and sing. It's awesome.

There were lots of Aggies there...too many for one picture. And even more who were there earlier in the evening but now have little ones and had to go home before our night was over.

There's something about doing this that brings everyone together. There are people in this line who are currently attending school and folks who graduated long ago. But somehow ('s the traditions), A&M brings all those people together.

"There's a Spirit can ne'er be told..."

Saturday, July 24, 2010

14 weeks

I'm going to try to keep up with these on a weekly basis. You can't believe how relieved I am to be able to blog about this. A post catching you up to where we are now is coming soon. If you can think of something I'm forgetting to include here, chime in. (Other than belly shots...those are already on the list.)

Total weight gain:
At the last appointment (on Tuesday), I was up 7 lbs from the starting point.

Movement: Nothing that I can feel yet but we did see movement on our last ultrasound (last Wednesday, 12 weeks + 4 days).

I've wanted lemonade. Good, fresh-squeezed lemonade. I think I've just been more thirsty in general though. Lord knows it couldn't be because it's about a million degrees outside.

Symptoms: Overall, I'm not quite as tired as I have been but I tell ya...this traveling business takes more of a toll these days. My skin is still a mess. Instead of being a glowing pregnant woman, it seems like I'm going to look more like a teenage mom. And by far the most fun change is that I've become crazy emotional. Like tears-constantly-just-below-the-surface emotional. About 99% of the time they come out due to something sentimental. On Wednesday night, however, it was hard to stop them once they started. I have no idea what that was about.

Belly button: Still in. Not surprising. Even though I've felt bloated as soon as that stick said +, I'm pretty sure strangers wouldn't think I'm pregnant (just maybe had a few too many cheeseburgers, letting myself go, marriage is really agreeing with me, etc.).

Preparations: Since this is my first post like this, we may appear to be mighty productive this week. Over the last few weeks we've agreed on a crib we like and have decided to order it. I picked out fabric for a baby quilt and mobile I'm making. The mobile is about 2/3 done. The quilt piecing is about 3/4 done. I've browsed the web for some other decorative items and have a few ideas rolling around in my head. Baby received a pair of socks from Auntie J--blue M&M socks so everyone knows who the baby's daddy is. And my SIL and The Brother got him/her a fantastic children's book.

Milestones: We went to the monthly OB visit on Tuesday. Nothing terribly exciting. Got to hear the heartbeat for the 3rd time. It's just reassuring to know it's still there. I finally remembered to ask the nurse what my starting weight was so I could keep track of the weight gain. OB said I was right where I should be. The most exciting part of this week is that we finally got to let the cat out of the bag. To everyone. There's a lot of politics when it comes to announcing these things. At first, I was nervous to tell people but now I'm getting a little more open about it and it's starting to feel exciting. Also got to announce it to work people. Everyone was very excited.

Weekly wisdom:
When it comes to telling people you're pregnant, just do the best you can. Some people should obviously be higher on the list but after a certain point, you may just need to send a mass email. You can either worry about people's reaction to this or you can worry about the millions of other things you've got going--like growing a human inside of you.
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Thursday, July 22, 2010

wedding thursday: in a frenzy

We interrupt baby crazies to continue on with wedding recaps. Only two more after this and I'll be done in time for our anniversary!

So, nothing can compare to the ladies' crazy bouquet toss reaction but the garter toss was pretty fun, too.

My Hubby knew he wanted to make it a little more fun than normal so he had a little something up his sleeve. And in his pockets. I had told him I was ok with the now-traditional groom-going-up-the-bride's-dress thing. So he went up there and pulled out a few things before getting to the garter.

A yo-yo (that ended up going home with my Maid of Honor)...

A gun...

A ball...

And, finally, the real thing.

And then it was time for the wind up

and the release.

Shockingly, the guys didn't get nearly as crazy as the ladies had. But at least they didn't just let it drop to the ground.

I love the above two pictures. In the first one you can see my (pregnant) Matron of Honor's husband reaching his hand up way in the back corner of the room. And in the second, I love that my SIL's brother still has his hand up. He would have loved to have caught that garter (and the one at my SIL's wedding, too). In the end, one of Hubby's high school friends caught it. He's a great guy and I believe still single. Ladies, shoot me an email if you're interested.
And here's the whole gang. Perhaps wearing black shoes is the key to bouquet/garter catching success.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

bag open. cats everywhere.

Or, technically, just one cat. Thirteen weeks along. It's either a boy or a girl and I think I'll tell you which sometime in January. Much more to come but trying to dig myself out of post-vacation overwhelm.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

leaving yet again

Oh, people. I'm tired. It has been a very busy summer with regards to work and, uh, just about everything else. I'll have more for you next week but for now I'll just show off my cute little homemade July 4th bunting (made totally for free with scraps I had lying around). Taken with my new DSLR camera. See? That's how busy I've been. I haven't even excitedly posted about FINALLY making that purchase. Or about the 4th of July party. Or making jam. Or going to see "Wicked."

Heading to Minnesota tomorrow with my MIL and SIL. I'm not sure what all we will be doing but I'm hoping for a nap or two.

Friday, July 09, 2010

wedding friday: all the single ladies

These are some of my favorite pictures from the whole day. You'll see why in a second. Ah, the bouquet toss. In the modern day wedding community a lot of folks are doing away with this. I don't I got older and was still single I think I started hating the tradition. Or, rather, I hated that I didn't really feel like being the only single adult woman surrounded by 8-year-olds. And the harassment you get from people if you don't go out there and try to catch that bouquet. They know it doesn't come with a groom attached, right?

But I didn't mind the idea at my own wedding. And I have a feeling some of my ladies would have been really pissed if I hadn't done it. So we stuck with tradition. Sort of.

First, I had to check to see where the ladies were located. Who knew there were so many single gals at the wedding?! You may be able to tell that one 'maid in particular wanted the bouquet. This may or may not have been the same person who tried on a wedding dress of her own while I was planning my wedding.

Then it was time for the big toss--which I can't do without making crazy faces. I'll spare you the worst one.

But wait! What's this? It's not one bouquet but THREE! This triples your chance, ladies! Many winners. I'm spreading the love. (I have no idea why I can't throw with my mouth closed. It's physically impossible for me. Also? Crazy doe eyes that would give Lady Gaga a run for her money.)

So, ok. There were not only a lot of single ladies but a lot of TALL single ladies. Tall single ladies who weren't afraid to jump. In dresses.

So two of my cousins and one of Hubby's friends caught the bouquets--one of whom is now engaged. (You're welcome.) My short little Mexican Maid of Honor didn't have a chance. My tall bridesmaid? I don't know what her excuse was. She wasn't even drunk. If the two photos above aren't awesome enough, here's the re-enactment.

Oh, the injustice! I love this series. Makes me laugh out loud every time. Up next? The men get their chance.

And, yes, I totally had the DJ play "Single Ladies" during this.