wedding thursday: in a frenzy

We interrupt baby crazies to continue on with wedding recaps. Only two more after this and I'll be done in time for our anniversary!

So, nothing can compare to the ladies' crazy bouquet toss reaction but the garter toss was pretty fun, too.

My Hubby knew he wanted to make it a little more fun than normal so he had a little something up his sleeve. And in his pockets. I had told him I was ok with the now-traditional groom-going-up-the-bride's-dress thing. So he went up there and pulled out a few things before getting to the garter.

A yo-yo (that ended up going home with my Maid of Honor)...

A gun...

A ball...

And, finally, the real thing.

And then it was time for the wind up

and the release.

Shockingly, the guys didn't get nearly as crazy as the ladies had. But at least they didn't just let it drop to the ground.

I love the above two pictures. In the first one you can see my (pregnant) Matron of Honor's husband reaching his hand up way in the back corner of the room. And in the second, I love that my SIL's brother still has his hand up. He would have loved to have caught that garter (and the one at my SIL's wedding, too). In the end, one of Hubby's high school friends caught it. He's a great guy and I believe still single. Ladies, shoot me an email if you're interested.
And here's the whole gang. Perhaps wearing black shoes is the key to bouquet/garter catching success.


Anonymous said…
i didn't notice james doing that in that pic! and the one with jarred is awesome! love the enthusiasm they both seem to have! hmmmm..


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