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It had been killing me to NOT blog about the whole pregnancy thing. Since I started blogging, journaling has become nearly non-existent. A few months ago, I had to break out pen and paper again. So here are some excerpts to catch you up on things.

May 16, 2010 ...I had my (thankfully) first positive UPT at about 3:00 this morning. I know, 3am. I really had to potty and was also a little anxious for the results. Hubby was up and I told him the results. He got up to go to the bathroom himself. A few seconds late he says, "I peed on it, too, and now it's saying we're not pregnant." I was very amused. So here we are. I'm feeling happy and only slightly freaked out.

June 12, 2010 I called Dr. B and made an appointment for the 25th. I was really surprised that they'd be able to and would want to see us so soon. They didn't really do much at that first appointment but it was nice to confirm the pregnancy. Finally, on June 10th...we had our first ultrasound. Again, nice to re-confirm the pregnancy and see the baby for the first time. We saw the heartbeat! In a baby the size of a blueberry! (I'll spare you the symptoms because, really, I've been doing quite well.) ...Everything we've done so far (just some bloodwork regarding genetic markers in me) have turned out fine. I am Rh- and Hubby is + so I'll need the shots for that. We've been reading tons of books about pregnancy and childbirth (see sidebar). Hopefully it will continue to go pretty smoothly.

June 26, 2010 So I'm 10 weeks today. I've still been feeling pretty good. Things are so busy with work. I started thinking that this baby--now a fetus instead of an embryo--is already pretty well-traveled... The big milestone for the fig-sized baby this week is that I got to hear its heartbeat. 172 bpm which is spot on. It was pretty exciting. Hubby wasn't at this appointment so he missed it but we'll get to hear it at every visit now. It was about a week early from when they normally start listening for a heartbeat so even more exciting that we found it. Baby was low and on my left side. Still doesn't seem real sometimes. We go in about 2 1/2 weeks for some screening tests and can find out the sex of the baby then. I'm now leaning towards finding out. We'll see.

July 20, 2010 At 13 weeks, 3 days. (Big news is that I)...can usually make it through the night without getting up to eat/pee... The baby has moved up in fruit size and is now a peach. Baby and I have still been pretty busy and traveling a lot. Just got back from Minnesota (more on that soon). I started making a quilt and mobile with fabric I picked out shortly before the 4th of July. Making pretty good progress. We told all the folks at the July 4th party. Everyone seemed happy for us. We drove up to Austin that following weekend to tell Hubby's grandma, uncle, and aunt. They were also happy. Grandma was pretty cute. (Baby is due one day prior to Grandma's 100th birthday.) ...Overall I'm feeling a little less freaked out telling people now. Not really sure what that was about before. Maybe concerned some people would judge...or that something would go wrong with the pregnancy. So had a doctor's appointment today but nothing exciting. Very reassuring to hear the baby's heartbeat (161-164 bpm). Last Wednesday, July 14th, we went in for our first screening ultrasound/bloodwork. That day Hubby got to hear the heartbeat for the first time (162 bpm). And we both got to see the baby look like a baby. Very exciting! I was a little emotional. There were arms, legs, heart, brain, face (with eyes and nose and lips). When I saw the profile, I teared up. I guess I just realized that I'll finally (hopefully) have some family resemblance to someone. Amazing. And I hear Hubby had a little red hair when he was born so I'm holding out hope for that. Overall, the baby looked good and is right on track. Thank goodness. So follow up with those folks in about a month. I'm also telling work tomorrow.

So that brings us current...or rather to last Saturday when I started blogging my progress. Seriously, so glad to be blogging about this. It's much easier than journal writing since my computer is always with me. More on Saturday...


I am betting it is a girl!!!
Congratulations, how exciting!! I understand not wanting to tell people - so hard because it is such a big deal!
Anonymous said…
loved reading this. and love the little pic on the sidebar showing the bump. it even looks a little like your profile. i'm still so freakin' excited about all this!

i have boy vibes.

Patois said…
Thanks for sharing this. Looking forward to Saturday's update! Be well, all of you.
Anonymous said…
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