wedding tuesday: sawin' it off

Ok, so I almost forgot to include a post about this. If you live in Texas, you know Aggies are a little crazy with tradition. Perhaps we're so crazy with tradition, you may know this even if you're a foreigner. One thing that I've really enjoyed at previous weddings of Aggie friends is that they pay tribute to our school.

How do we do that? We all get up and sing. It's awesome.

There were lots of Aggies there...too many for one picture. And even more who were there earlier in the evening but now have little ones and had to go home before our night was over.

There's something about doing this that brings everyone together. There are people in this line who are currently attending school and folks who graduated long ago. But somehow ('s the traditions), A&M brings all those people together.

"There's a Spirit can ne'er be told..."


Laura B. said…
whoop! love the ring shot!

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