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wedding saturday: bustin' a move

We kicked off the dancing portion of the reception with the Grand March. I still don't know if it's a Southern thing, Texas thing, small town thing, Catholic thing, or Czech thing. But it's fun. And a tradition. I never went to a wedding without one when I was growing up and we went to A LOT of weddings.
My aunt and uncle always lead it at family weddings (and I would bet at a few weddings of friends, too). When they did it at The Brother's wedding, they (and we) were shocked that when the DJ told everyone to get up to join in the Grand March, they did. I mean, almost everybody. That doesn't happen at home. My aunt turned to The Brother and asked him who would watch. Same thing at our wedding. Nearly everyone participated.
One really fantastic thing about this was that my photographer captured so many fun shots of nearly all our guests. In my opinion, this was way more fun that going from table to table and having folks smile. I mean, these people were having a goo…

tomorrow is my blogiversary

I'm going to be celebrating these last 4 years by spending a few days in Chicago. Where I'll see no sites other than the hotel and whatever is between it and Midway. And my days will be booked from 7am-9:30pm. But I'll get lots of good food. And will be bored to tears. So it goes...

Have a good week, everybody. Try not to die in the heat. And pray that the area in the Caribbean doesn't turn into a hurricane that dumps oil all over us.

wedding saturday: toasts

We really are barrelling to a close on these recaps...

We were pretty traditional when it came to who gave toasts at our reception. I wish I had copies of everyone's speeches (or a video of them) because I barely remember what everyone said now. But I know they were awesome. Just a quick word about our glasses. Honestly, I think I picked the disposable champagne coupes everyone is holding because they held slightly less champagne than the flutes. Is that bad? Also, I wanted Hubby's and my real glasses to be coupes as well. Since I like tradition, I wanted to find some at an antique store and be able to let future generations use them at their weddings. When we were in Brenham for my bachelorette weekend, my Maid-of-Honor walked into a store and immediately found the ones we ended up using. How did she do that? I had looked at several places previously, to no avail.

Anyway... So I had both a Maid and a Matron-of-Honor, I had two lovely ladies who spoke first. They both did really…

happy weekend, people

Have I mentioned before how much I love it when it's that time of year for EVERYTHING around here to start blooming? I love, love, love it. Granted, it's June in Texas. Some things have already peaked. But because of our *cough* harsh winter, it has taken some things a bit longer to come back. So June? Still looks like spring. Feels like Hell; looks like spring.

Echinacea that I planted last year and then helped it scatter seeds? Came back (but so far just one plant):

All these plants? Were down to nubs. That yellow flowering one in the background? It's normally taller than me every year. I had to cut it down to nothing. But it's back. In a big way.

And the mini myrtles? They have really filled in and are finally blooming! Took longer to come out this year but I love them. I would have been so sad if these guys would have died. Seriously, like snow-covered trees lining my driveway (minus the shoveling).

And, finally, food. This year we planted 2 kinds of…

how to scare the poo out of oneself

Check into hotel, alone, for business travel.Close bathroom door before bed as hotel has a drippy bathtub faucet. Again.Wake up in the middle of the night needing to potty.Stumble toward bathroom door that you totally forgot you closed.Freak the hell out as you run into another person in your room who, um, happens to be you in a mirror.

what i've been up to

Part of me wants to write just to get that last post out of the top spot. Another part wants to procrastinate. And a third part doesn't feel like I write much anymore.

Things have been ridiculously busy. May was oddly not terribly regarding work but we did some traveling (Dallas and Kansas City), celebrated my SIL's birthday and Memorial Day, and I got to have lunch with some friends/old co-workers. I must say that Memorial Day weekend was pretty low-key...exactly what I needed going in to June.

June? Other than celebrating my lovely husband's birthday this past weekend, I think it's going to be a nightmare. It's kicking my butt. It was kicking my butt 3 days into a short workweek. I've already got a hole I'm trying to dig myself out of at work. I even worked some yesterday but still don't feel like I made all that much progress. And the entire month is jam-packed with travel. Where to? Several local visits, San Antonio, Kerrville, San Antonio…