wedding saturday: toasts

We really are barrelling to a close on these recaps...

We were pretty traditional when it came to who gave toasts at our reception. I wish I had copies of everyone's speeches (or a video of them) because I barely remember what everyone said now. But I know they were awesome. Just a quick word about our glasses. Honestly, I think I picked the disposable champagne coupes everyone is holding because they held slightly less champagne than the flutes. Is that bad? Also, I wanted Hubby's and my real glasses to be coupes as well. Since I like tradition, I wanted to find some at an antique store and be able to let future generations use them at their weddings. When we were in Brenham for my bachelorette weekend, my Maid-of-Honor walked into a store and immediately found the ones we ended up using. How did she do that? I had looked at several places previously, to no avail.

Anyway... So I had both a Maid and a Matron-of-Honor, I had two lovely ladies who spoke first. They both did really fabulous jobs. My Matron did some prep work and had a few notes. I'm not sure what all she said but I know at least some of it was funny. :) No, really, she's like the best friend a person could ask for so it wasn't surprising she did a great job (and I'm not just saying that because she made it through the whole day--not to mention all the prep work leading up to it--while 7 months pregnant). Also not just saying that because she's one of the few people who still reads this blog.

My Maid-of-Honor spoke off the cuff. She was so nervous about her speech but she did great, too. She was with me the night I met my husband and she spoke about that. My version of the story is that I decided to walk around by myself to lure in the mans. I'd heard that a group of girls can be intimidating for guys. Her version is that she and the other person we were with needed to go outside for a smoke. She said she wasn't advocating smoking but...

Hubby's Best Man spoke next. He's a great guy but is pretty quiet and reserved. He really surprised me because he didn't seem nervous at all.

Then came my FIL. He had a long speech prepared that talked about Hubby growing up. He started out with a story about his first few girlfriends and I was a little concerned as to where it was going. Turns out it was about a few older girls in the neighborhood who loved little preschool Hubby. All's well that ends well. I love this picture because this is exactly how he looks every time he says something funny. I think the best word for it is "tickled."

My SIL's brother wanted to say a few words, too. I don't think anyone could be less shy with a microphone in their hand. His folks were quick to find a place to cut him off or we could have listened to stories about love all night. It's awesome. We were glad to have him contribute.

Finally, Hubby and I said a few words. We thanked folks for coming and I had to thank everyone who helped me pull off this great wedding.

And with that, it was time to get the real party started.


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i can't believe i didn't save my speech! ugh! i know better!


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