happy weekend, people

Have I mentioned before how much I love it when it's that time of year for EVERYTHING around here to start blooming? I love, love, love it. Granted, it's June in Texas. Some things have already peaked. But because of our *cough* harsh winter, it has taken some things a bit longer to come back. So June? Still looks like spring. Feels like Hell; looks like spring.

Echinacea that I planted last year and then helped it scatter seeds? Came back (but so far just one plant):

All these plants? Were down to nubs. That yellow flowering one in the background? It's normally taller than me every year. I had to cut it down to nothing. But it's back. In a big way.

And the mini myrtles? They have really filled in and are finally blooming! Took longer to come out this year but I love them. I would have been so sad if these guys would have died. Seriously, like snow-covered trees lining my driveway (minus the shoveling).

And, finally, food. This year we planted 2 kinds of peppers, 3 kinds of tomatoes, squash, and peas and had strawberries that were still around from last year. So far the tomatoes have done fabulously. We may need to make salsa since we have so many of them right now. I've used them in bruschetta and just randomly in other food. The peppers haven't thrived--2 off one plant, 3 off the other. Maybe one squash plant has really grown. The peas? Dead. They started off ok and were even making peas but I think our trip out of town basically killed them in this heat. And the strawberries! They look fantastic! And they made a lot more fruit than last year. Too bad we maybe got 1/4 of it--seems like pill bugs like them, too. So if you're keeping track, basicaly we can grow us some tomatoes and strawberries!

And then there's the fruit. We bought a blackberry baby in the spring. It's still small but is growing and producing just a little.

And I should have taken a picture of the overall melon patch. Let's just say that I'm so proud of these guys. I started them from seeds. Seeds! And we have our first cantaloupes. (The biggest one is just slightly smaller than full-grown at this point.)

And the beginnings of at least one tiny watermelon. I missed taking a picture of it when it looked exactly like a watermelon marble. So tiny, so cute.

So that's the garden tour for the day. Have a great weekend!


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