wedding saturday: bustin' a move

We kicked off the dancing portion of the reception with the Grand March. I still don't know if it's a Southern thing, Texas thing, small town thing, Catholic thing, or Czech thing. But it's fun. And a tradition. I never went to a wedding without one when I was growing up and we went to A LOT of weddings.

My aunt and uncle always lead it at family weddings (and I would bet at a few weddings of friends, too). When they did it at The Brother's wedding, they (and we) were shocked that when the DJ told everyone to get up to join in the Grand March, they did. I mean, almost everybody. That doesn't happen at home. My aunt turned to The Brother and asked him who would watch. Same thing at our wedding. Nearly everyone participated.

One really fantastic thing about this was that my photographer captured so many fun shots of nearly all our guests. In my opinion, this was way more fun that going from table to table and having folks smile. I mean, these people were having a good time.

After the Grand March, we went straight into our first dance. We don't really have a song and it was quite a chore to pick one. Husband is more comfortable with a waltz and I wanted a shorter song, so I picked a hidden track off of an Owen Temple CD. He's a Texas country artist so I'm pretty sure no one in the history of the world had the same first dance song as us. Not that that was a goal. "I Wrote You a Waltz" (click there to listen)
Why do I always make this face?

Loved my bustle.

And then Hubby danced with his mother to "Waltz Across Texas." There was a slight technical difficulty as the DJ started playing the wrong song. Oh, well. He realized the mistake and all was well. Funny how people make spontaneous circles around these dancers.

You know, I'm thinking still photos of dancing is the way to go. We all look very competent. And with that, we opened the dance floor. I think all we have left is bouquet and garter toss and our departure. Hang in there.


You're right! Seeing the dress on others is fun! I love your bustle!

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