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Part of me wants to write just to get that last post out of the top spot. Another part wants to procrastinate. And a third part doesn't feel like I write much anymore.

Things have been ridiculously busy. May was oddly not terribly regarding work but we did some traveling (Dallas and Kansas City), celebrated my SIL's birthday and Memorial Day, and I got to have lunch with some friends/old co-workers. I must say that Memorial Day weekend was pretty low-key...exactly what I needed going in to June.

June? Other than celebrating my lovely husband's birthday this past weekend, I think it's going to be a nightmare. It's kicking my butt. It was kicking my butt 3 days into a short workweek. I've already got a hole I'm trying to dig myself out of at work. I even worked some yesterday but still don't feel like I made all that much progress. And the entire month is jam-packed with travel. Where to? Several local visits, San Antonio, Kerrville, San Antonio some more, Ft. Worth, Chicago, Mississippi, and Colorado--with hopefully several trips to a bed or couch in between.

So, yeah. I just thought I'd pop in and say hi. How's it going? Enjoying summer? See ya in a month...


You could always schedule a trip to Michigan! We would love to see you and have you meet Evan! Bring that wonderful husband of yours too!

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