2008 reads

17. Twilight
16. Son of the Circus
15. The Last Lecture
14. Unlocking the Sky: Glenn Hammond Curtiss & the Race to Invent the Airplane
13. To the Nines
12. Water for Elephants
11. The Secret Life of Bees
10. Loving Frank
9. things I learned about my dad (in therapy)
8. No More Lies
7. Happy is the Bride the Sun Shines On: Wedding Beliefs, Customs & Traditions
6. The Seduction of Water
5. Hard Eight
4. Seven Up
3. Hot Six
2. Even Cowgirls Get the Blues
1. High Five


StaceyG said…
I hope you'll read the rest of the Stephenie Meyer books - they are really good!
cjm said…
I got the other 3 for Christmas so it's only a matter of time. I really enjoyed the first one but still haven't seen the movie.
Anonymous said…
I read the first one and can't wait to read the rest. But you know me and my vampire stories - I really sink my teeth into them!

Also have read all of the Charlaine Harris books long before the HBO series came out (True Blood). You might like those as well.

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