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I got no work done on the house this weekend. The Ugly Bathroom is just waiting patiently.

I made no decisions regarding the wedding location this weekend. I've ruled out a lot of places. The Bridal Extravaganza! and The Brother's MIL had a few ideas that we're looking into. The Fiance tried to find out some info on one place. It may mean lying about religion. Is that a bad way to start a marriage? And can you go to Hell if you don't believe in it? Kidding, kidding. Sort of.

It was very nice to see my ladies on Saturday. It's also pretty cool that they have all met one another before. And they're all very helpful and fun and supportive. You know, what bridesmaids and close friends are supposed to be.

The Fiance's parents hosted a little gathering for us on Sunday. We got to meet several of their friends. Everyone was very nice and congratulatory. One woman said she got a good feeling about us just from our picture. I'm sure she thought so even more once The Fiance told how we met and how he proposed. The ladies sure seemed impressed.

The Fiance's grandma is going to write down memories of her wedding for us. This makes me very excited. Hopefully I'll be able to incorporate some aspect of it into ours.

Really, we mostly just played the Wii when not trying to figure out wedding stuff. I rock at the drums.

I may try on dresses this weekend. Nervous breakdown likely scheduled for Sunday.

I'm going to try to squeeze in at least one non-wedding-related post each week. I promise.

Really, this whole post is because I don't want to work today. Sigh, but I better get back to it.

Note: This is the place (if it's big enough) I'm willing to lie to get into:


Patois said…
The hell with non-wedding posts! These are just fine and dandy!

And, yeah, I think lying about your religion sets a bad precedent.
Katie Lady said…
What is the lie you have to uphold?

Because that is one cute church! (I'm guessing it's a church.)
Bubba's Mom said…
That is a precious church and it looks just like you! What lie do you have to tell?? I mean, how bad can it be??? Don't worry about posting lots about your wedding. Don't you know that women live these things vicariously with each other!! We love to hear all the details!!
cjh said…
Well, it's an old (now unused) Catholic church that is under the umbrella of the newer, bigger, and (from what I hear) not-too-traditional Catholic church. I was raised Catholic. I have the credentials. But from what we've heard, it can only be used by a member of the church and the couple has to receive 6 months of counseling.

Now, I read something recently that said if only we put as much time and effort into preparing for marriage as we did preparing for the wedding... So I'm not opposed to counseling. It can only be helpful. The thing is, I haven't been a practicing Catholic since Mom died. And The Fiance, while more religious than I, is not Catholic either. So could I join primarily to use the church? Yeah, that's probably wrong. All that being said, I don't even know if they'd let a non-Catholic get married there or if it's large enough. We shall see...
OMG it's beautiful!

And keep the wedding talk commin'. No need to force yourself to write about something else--this is a big deal :-)
Eddie said…
Ohhh! I've been gone from the bloggy world too long! Engaged! Belated ongratulations! Is this the one you met at an art gallery? How do I even remember that? Anyway, so happy for you. :)
klm said…
oh my you are trying on wedding dresses????!!!!!????

yikes!!! EEEk...YIPPIE! i wish i could be there to enjoy the experience. :( someone must take pics and send them to me.

Katie Lady said…
Well, find out more about that church! It is super cute, but I am guessing that even if you DID join it, The Fiance would have to sign the paper that basically says he will do all things catholic, right?

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