engagement pictures

First, a gigantic "thank you" to our friend and photographer (and her lovely husband assistant). She took hundreds of pictures from all different angles and he carried my purse. No, really, it was fantastic and fun. Hopefully a few of them will hide how unphotogenic I am. We took some pictures in the building where we met and some nearby places:
(Photo from here.)

(Photo from here.)

(Photo from here.)

What do you think of that last place? They rent it for weddings, you know. I'll have to inquire.


Anything with blue skies and green plants looks good to me right now instead of all the white stuff and below 0 windchills we currently have! No, really, the last place looks beautiful!
Patois said…
Call right now. Get that place. It looks grand.
StaceyG said…
It does look great!! Hope you'll share some of those pix!
Bubba's Sis said…
Awww - I got all excited because I thought I was gonna see YA'LL in the pictures! Would love to see them sometime!
cjh said…
We'll try to have pictures soon. And I think I'm ready to out myself so you'll get to see some. Also? I found a dress today. You know. The Dress.
Anonymous said…
i think the dress deserves a post of it's own. i'm just sayin'...

Katie Lady said…
Yep, the dress deserves a post of it's own.

I think there has been a wedding in the Houston Garden Center every time we've tried to park over there, and that's a lot!

See how much it is and book it, girl!

But only if it's not too far from the precious church.....that way you don't have to get shuttles for all the guests. :)

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