engagement pics ("outed" edition)

This is me. This is The Fiance. These are my favorite pics from Sunday's shoot. YEA! Some of these may end up being cropped for some close ups when we need that for things (like announcements) but I really love backgrounds in photos, too. And we may ramp up the colors a tad since it was so cloudy that day.

And we'll likely take a few more at the beach where he proposed. Those may end up a bit more traditional.

(And, yes, I ordered my wedding dress today. More on that later.)


Bubba's Sis said…
Oh, sweetie - they are BEAUTIFUL!! I love them (and thanx for e-mailing them to me, too!)!
Beautiful pics!!! Thanks for the email too! I did look at ALL of them! Congrats on ordering your wedding dress too - so much fun!
Patois said…
Excellent! What a lovely pair you are.
StaceyG said…
Wow you guys are a cute couple! Looking good, sweetie!
Eddie said…
I LOVE the one of you kissing!

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