weddings are expensive

That's what I've learned over the last few days. There are absolutely fantastic venues around here but you have to have a wedding budget of probably $30,000. I, sadly, do not. Actually, not even sadly. It seems nuts to spend a ton of money on one day when you could be spending it during your actual marriage. Especially in this economy. That said, my budget is probably higher than it could be. You know, if I eloped or got married in the ghetto.

What I need to find is this (photos from Martha Stewart, of course):

I'd like a cheap blank canvas. I don't want places to offer me packages that come with the cake and DJ and decorations and candles and officiant and everything. I want to be crafty. I enjoy being crafty. I want a wedding that doesn't blend in to every other one the guests have attended. I want people to think it was beautiful and romantic and quirky and fun. I want them to think that it suited us. Mostly, I want The Fiance and me to think those things.

If you have venue ideas in the greater Houston area (that are of the fewer-than-5-figure variety), feel free to share.


Katie Lady said…
Well, what you described fits what Bubba and I had to a tee.

That settles it, you should get married at my parents house.

It's not the greater-Houston area, but it's cheap, lots of your own planning/craftiness will be in it, and my parents would LOVE to throw another bash! :)

You can always get married in a church then have the reception somewhere. That's usually way cheaper, even if you DO have to pay a little for the church. I wonder what Bubba's Mom will have to say about this when she reads it....being an ex-wedding planner and all.

Heck, you have a great house/backyard that you could have the reception there, just make sure YOU aren't in charge but your brother and SIL or Bubba's Mom (as wedding planner) or someone else is, then you don't have to worry with it. Seriously, that's what my mom did with having it at her house....someone else was in charge so she could have fun!

Just my 2 cents. I like church weddings, so of course that's what I'm going to tell you to do. But carry on! I'm sure you're sick of this comment's length already.
Patois said…
I say we start strong-arming Bubba's Mom right now.
cjh said…
Poor Bubba's Mom...not around to defend herself.

Katie Lady, I think I'd go insane planning an outdoor wedding/reception at my house during hurricane season. That, and there's no place to park the many, many cars of the many, many people who will be invited.
cjh said…
Ok, there's probably some rule that other people should leave more comments on here than I do. Perhaps it's my procrastination. Perhaps it's these new pics I've posted. But I must say, I'm loving the new color scheme...which just happens to be the wedding colors that are floating around in my head. There would be more brown (of some shade), however.
Katie Lady said…
Well, the 'at-your-house' idea is only for a small, intimate gathering. For the hoards of people you are expecting, I refer you to my first proposition. ;)
Laura said…
So I'm a long time lurker, occasional commenter, but I feel like I should throw in my two cents since I myself am currently planning my wedding. I feel the exact same way you do! My fiance are on a strict budget, but I don't think we could spend $30,000 on ANY location! My fiance and I are both native Texans, but now live in California. We decided we wanted to have a small wedding (about 40ppl) in Wine Country (Napa or surrounding areas). It was CRAZY how expensive everything was. I totally agree with the packaging too! We decided to go with an Ipod and speakers for our DJ and I'm making centerpieces. Not only is it cheaper, but it means I get exactly what I want and its fun! Okay, wow, longest comment EVER, but I really wanted to know you are not alone. If I were getting married in Texas I would probably choose somewhere out in the Hill Country, Fredricksburg or something like that. Hope this helps!
Laura said…
Hmmm, maybe it would also help to read everything before I comment and see that you were looking for something in Houston. I've had a lot of friends get married and have their reception here:

I don't know how much it costs, but I don't think it could be too outrageous based on the people I've known that have had their weddings there.
Anonymous said…
It may be time to return to a certain tan sheet metal distillery in San Leon...

The color scheme!
The uniqueness!

The cost savings!

The Fiance
Bubba's Sis said…
Whatever you choose will be lovely and wonderful and just right for the two of you. I can't wait to see it (assuming I'm invited, and if I'm not, I'm totally crashing it).
klm said…
I have to admit that The Fiance's comment crossed my mind too.. :)

But girl your ipod has EVERYTHING!!! You could totally rock it out and have crazy women dancing to YMCA ;-)
klm said…
Oh BTW, you have a corner lot. You have two sides of TWO streets at your convenience!! heehee
angelq said…
The Safari Texas place is within spitting distance of Dad. Pictures show that the inside is nice, but when you first drive up it's a little off-putting so I don't know if you'll like it. I have other suggestions I can email.

Now you know why we got married at the in-laws. I wanted the same things and had a hard time finding them within our meager budget.

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