a little somethin'

  • We are allegedly taking engagement pictures on Saturday. At the place we met.
  • I bought a lovely new dress for the occasion. I'd give you the link but it doesn't look as good on the model as it does on me. I've never said that (or thought that) in my entire life. Perhaps it's just a bad picture of the poor girl...
  • I've been turned down by a few possible reception places. Some places that are not very exciting really book up fast. Maybe it's because they're cheap.
  • We have found a few other possible options.
  • Those options kind of depend on whether or not we can score that cute church. I've left a voicemail for the priest. Yep, the priest. I can't tell you the last time I talked to one. It scares me a little. Maybe I should tell him that.
  • If he (please, God--literally) lets us use it, we could be so far under reception budget that I could probably score a fancy dress AND a good photographer. That would be fantastic.
  • I won a free engagement shoot and 90 wallet prints from a so-so photographer. We may do those just to use the prints for something. Thank you cards? Attached to favors? We'll see.
  • So things are moving along. If only that priest would call me back. If only he'd have pity on me. I cannot tell you how happy I'd be to use that place. And to have a date set. And to start making fun decisions instead of stressful ones. Sigh... A girl can hope.


Katie Lady said…
Just my two cents, and it's way down on that list, but as someone who is hoping to be invited, I really do not need a favor from your wedding. Seriously. I know you like to be crafty, so make something cute for the table. Favors are over-rated.

And, I'll bet every other poster would agree with me. ;)

(Please don't take offense to that, I'm just trying to save you a bit of money and time and effort. But, if you DO decide to do favors, I will take it home with joy! We got a cd at several, and that's pretty cool, you could always use the pictures as the front cover of the cd.)
cjh said…
Actually, the favor we've decided on (if it's allowed at whatever venue we end up with) will totally be enjoyed by the guests. I'm not just saying that. I agree--favors are pretty dumb and useless so we didn't want to do that. Aren't you curious now?!
StaceyG said…
Make sure you get one of your engagement pics framed in a 10x14 matte and have all of your shower/wedding guests sign the matte. It's such a cool keepsake for you!
Katie Lady said…
YES!!! I'm dying of curiosity!!! Especially if you mean to include a picture with it!

But, I can wait. ;)
klm said…
First of all I cannot wait, so spill it. What is my favor ;-)

And you know, you could go to confession and corner the priest. "Bless me Father for I have sinned..."

Patois said…
I love living vicariously through all this!
Bubba's Sis said…
I hope you get your call back - that church is precious! You know, there is that lovely garden across the street if the weather would allow for an outdoor reception.....
Bubba's Mom said…
Give the priest another call this week. The message could've gotten lost or something. I love that little church. Have you seen the Museum church that is in Clear Lake Park (right across from the lake!) It's cute too. I can so see you getting married in either of those.

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