• Since Friday was a relatively short work day for The Fiance and me, it seemed like we had a bonus weekend day.
  • Am pondering changing the blog up a bit and posting photos. With faces. Outing myself, if you will.
  • The Wii broke. I am devastated. Allegedly it can be fixed.
  • Made cucumber sandwiches and attended a tea party.
  • Productive weekend. Put away all Christmas decorations. Decluttered junk sun room. Organized the garage. Washed cars. Worked on the Ugly Bathroom.
  • I'm motivated to work on the Ugly Bathroom. Making progress. Excited to see the final product.
  • Perhaps motivation to work on Ugly Bathroom helps me procrastinate on wedding planning.
  • According to the wedding planning list, I am already 27 items behind.
  • Why would I want to procrastinate on wedding planning? I really am excited to start. And want to have a fun wedding and then be married. I think I'm just overwhelmed at the entire list. What we need to focus on now is the location. Having a location means you have a date. Which means you have a deadline. Which also means you know more about what tasks you have to accomplish and can more easily envision the event.
  • Will hopefully have lots of ideas after this weekend and the Bridal Extravaganza! that all my lovely ladies are attending with me.
  • Have decided that unless you are asked (and by a close friend no less) you should never give your opinion about someone else's wedding unless it is to blindly agree with whatever they say. People have different tastes. This is a big day. That takes lots of planning. Please don't ruin it by making that face or just saying, "huh."
  • That is all. I'm unmotivated today but am finally getting over these allergies. Again. Is it possible to be allergic to Texas? That, my friends, would be a tragedy.


klm said…
okay a few comments...
1. i like being called a lovely lady :)
2. we discussed what you will be doing with the bottom part of your walls in the Ugly Bathroom. If it turns out to be the same stuff as I want in E's room, you must share your experience.
3. Please also share your cucumber sand. recipe. i have been collecting recipes lately and sharing with friends. i have thought about maybe doing a recipe day on the good ol' blog. dont know if i can actually come up with that many, but it would make me have to cook.
4. and finally, i hope the Wii gets better. That is tragic.
Patois said…
Only 27 steps behind? At least your UB will be pretty. Perhaps you can have the wedding at your home so everyone can see that.
Katie Lady said…
I have a book I'm going to send you. I will keep the title a surprise, though. Heh heh.


I would highly recommend to you the book 'Bridal Bargains.' They have a list in the back that was not nearly as daunting as the one I had on theknot.com. Plus, the cheapskate in me really liked the ideas for not spending so much.

I'd send you mine, but it's several versions too old now and you'll want the newest one. But it's only about $15 or something like that, and totally worth every penny.

I see you in a minimalistic, sheath-type dress with spaghetti straps to accentuate your lovely figure and short hair. But that's just my two cents. You wear what you want and will look fabulous. Everyone does in a wedding dress. ;) Remember the 'Friends' episode where they all wear wedding dresses?
I noticed a ticker counting down how long until you are married - what is the date you decided on???
cjh said…
klm--Will share recipe when I'm back home. Will share bathroom experience once it is done.

Katie Lady--The hair is getting long but you're right in that I don't think I want the typical ballgown.

Katie S--We're shooting for 09.19.09 but we'll see what we can do...

I found two other possible locations online today. Now we'll just see how expensive they are.
Geri said…
You are totally right on weddings. Everyone has there own idea of what a "dream" wedding is or isn't. The best thing you can do is just be supportive and not criticize or say anything negative. What people like is totally subjective.
Mama C said…
Take a chill! Mama C will be here to help if you need her...
ndh said…
I like the colors...they go well together and I think that look beautiful!
Great day for a wedding! Our anniversary is 09/17!
StaceyG said…
I say elope to Vegas! If I ever get married again (very unlikely) I would totally skip the wedding stress. You can still have the magical dress and everything!

Okay, no more unsolicited or tongue-in-cheek wedding advice from me in 2009.
Bubba's Sis said…
Holy crap! Your Wii broke?? That IS horrible!!

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