100 things--thankful

For another list of 100 I blame Geek. I am thankful:

1. for having all five senses.
2. for being mobile.
3. that I'm smart.
4. for not dislocating my knees in quite some time.
5. that my heart issue is not as scary as it first seemed.
6. that I have lots of great friends (and all that that means).
7. for having the ability to make friends.
8. for having a close relationship with my brother.
9. that I was adopted.
10. for being employed.
11. for getting to work from home.
12. for being able to read.
13. for being alive.
14. that my bio-mother chose life.
15. for having a place to live.
16. for having a reliable car.
17. I live in Texas.
18. I live in a place that is not war-torn.
19. for the relative safety of the town in which I live.
20. that I have all my limbs.
21. that it's socially acceptable for women to wear makeup.
22. that I can afford most of what I want and not just what I need.
23. for my parents.
24. that I was raised poor.
25. for bug spray (not necessarily related to the previous one).
26. that I grew up in a small town.
27. that I moved.
28. for my education.
29. that things work out in ways that I can't understand at the time.
30. for my sense of humor.
31. that I'm female.
32. that I've never broken any bones or had any major injuries.
33. that I get to keep my airline miles.
34. that I can usually remember faces.
35. that I have a generally good memory.
36. for having health insurance.
37. for my creativity.
38. for being able to keep a beat.
39. that I have never been in a physically abusive relationship.
40. for e-mail and the internet.
41. that old friends started blogging and passed that along to me.
42. for my cell phone.
43. that I was raised with manners.
44. that I don't have paparazzi.
45. that people like Mother Theresa & the Dalai Lama have walked the earth.
46. to live in a place with sunshine.
47. for indoor plumbing.
48. for grocery stores.
49. that I don't work in a factory or do manual labor.
50. to currently have only one job.
51. for praise.
52. that I do have a sense of responsibility.
53. for general mental health.
54. I feel comfortable being alone.
55. that I have hope.
56. for photography.
57. that I have poems (however cheesy) that were written by my mother.
58. that the value of education and independence were always stressed in my home.
59. for Christmas.
60. that I'm Southern.
61. for my red hair.
62. that the place I live has yet to be hit by a major natural disaster.
63. for my old neighbors.
64. for feeling the need to accomplish things.
65. that I want to make the world a better place.
66. that I have life experience.
67. that I've been able to meet the people I have in this world (even if they were just in and out very quickly).
68. for all four seasons.
69. for having good genes.
70. for stars and lightning bugs.
71. for music.
72. that you can always start over.
73. for forgiveness.
74. for deodorant.
75. for electricity.
76. for homemade, fresh-from-the-oven chocolate chip cookies.
77. for self-esteem.
78. that I am loved.
79. to have majored in psychology.
80. to have lived near the water nearly my whole life.
81. for good wine.
82. for road trips.
83. for a comfortable bed with soft cotton sheets in summer and flannel in winter.
84. that I have 10 healthy toenails.
85. that I'm not missing any important teeth.
86. that I hardly ever lose my ability to laugh.
87. that I'm a mix of city and country.
88. for museums.
89. for art.
90. for sunglasses and corrective lenses.
91. for having parents who always believed in me and encouraged me.
92. for being able to pick up where you left off with old friends.
93. for memories of good times.
94. for living in the same house my whole childhood.
95. for the way things turned out when going "potluck" when picking a dorm in college.
96. that some people see value in old buildings.
97. for television...it brings entertainment, education, and news (regardless of how biased).
98. for corduroy.
99. for my metabolism.
100. for endless possibilities.

And after all this, I say a giant KNOCK ON WOOD.

I must say that I love lists. I would now like to do ones for my favorite things related to the five senses (smells, tastes, etc.). We'll see, though. And Geek has another list idea in her head, too. We could have blogs filled with nothing but lists.


angelq said…
I like that we both are thankful we can read...and have reliable cars. And #95 is funny because the "roommate" you had wasn't supposed to be living in that room and the one that was supposed to be there wasn't.
nora said…
I love your 100 things, wish had the energy to write my own list but I will probably repeat mine like I did the previous one it will start something like 1. Vodka 2. vodka......99. vodka 100. vodka. Just kidding I have 1000's of things I am thankful for.
Anonymous said…
great post. i will be back to read some more.

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