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(Think the Peanuts gangs' teacher's voice with that one.)

Oh, geez, where to begin... I'm in Ft. Worth, which I think I like better than Dallas. I don't think I've ever been to Ft. Worth.

The football stadium looks old from the outside. Ours is all shiny and new.

I'm saddened that Ann Richards died, although who wants a cancer battle to drag on and on... I heard her speak one time years ago. I liked her. First Steve Irwin and now good ol' Ann. I'll await one more.

I heard an interview with Kinky on the radio this morning. I would be super entertained if Willie Nelson were more involved in politics and if Padre were temporarily "sold" to Jimmy Buffett. Is it just me or does it seem like Rick Perry has been governor forever?

I also heard on the radio this morning that Sarah Ferguson, Duchess of York, was in Houston today. I like her, too. Sassy and red-headed. Wish I could have swung by to see her at the radio station.

It seems like I have been holed up for a week and had no contact with the outside world. Um, right, I kinda have been...

The real reason for the post is to share my crazy night with y'all. I left the doctor's office yesterday with some samples of prescription strength antihistamine. Nice. And a new antibiotic I've never taken. Both suggest they can make you drowsy. I, of course, fully expected them to. The antihistamine I'm supposed to take bid (just thought I'd throw out dosing lingo--twice a day). The antibiotic is just 5 days of one pill per day (which cost me $30 incidentally). So I took the antihistamine immediately and it made me a little tired but not too bad. My thoughts on flying today were to take it about when I left for the airport and then I could nap on the plane if needed. The antibiotic--easy--just take at night. See the plan? Are you with me? Are you seeing that this is bound to go horribly wrong?

So I executed the plan. I had to get up at about 6:15 this morning so I tried to get just a little more of Harry Potter in before I went to bed at around 10:30. Remember how yesterday I had very, very sluggish thoughts? They all decided to speed out of control at bedtime. Like all the thoughts I haven't had time for the last few days wanted to zoom thru all at once. Super.

So, among other things, I thought about things I have to do for work, things I got done for work, how once you're able to sort of breath again after being sick it suddenly feels like the air is so cold shooting up your nostril and right by your eye before heading straight into your brain, how I didn't want to look at the clock to see what time it was, how if I went to bed now I'd get X amount of sleep, how I hoped I'd be able to fly ok tomorrow, how I thought things would end up with Harry and the gang, how the Body Worlds exhibit made me realize even more how amazing the human body is, how my organs must all be really small to be crammed in here, how there's so little room for expansion that just having a little more snot in your head can cause terrible headaches, how my favorite body part is inside (it's my brain), how crazy it is to study your brain with your brain, how you can't (or at least I can't) tell what race someone is when they have no skin like some of the Body Worlds people, how we're all the same, how it's interesting to find after blogging that people/strangers all have a lot in common, how that seems to make people less special, how that sounds kind of sad, how there are probably a finite (albeit enormous) number of experiences and characteristics and matters of taste that exist in the world and that each person is a unique combination of these, how I am probably getting a little high off the medicine, how I am maybe reaching some cathartic place that only monks reach, how maybe if I steer my thoughts toward relationships I'll suddenly get great insight, how that immediately led me no where but to a million other things...and on and on and on... Are you exhausted reading that? Me, too. But I wasn't last night. Not at 10:30. Not at 12:30. Not at 2:30.

Now, you thought that was the weird part, didn't you? Nope. So I must have fallen asleep sometime between 2:30 and 3:00. I know this because I woke up around 3:00 freakin' going insane. I still am not quite sure what happened. Here are your options. (1) I was dreaming that I was dreaming. I woke up in the dream and was in my bedroom and, reasonably so, thought I was awake. But remember, in this theory I'm still dreaming. I look over at the clock to see what time it is but realize that I am going insane. I no longer understand English. It's not like I have another language to fall back on or like I never knew English. It's like I knew it but am now senile or something and have only enough sense to know how terrifying it is to lose your mind. (2) I woke up from a dream and could not, in fact, understand English due to a weird groggy in-between sleep/wake state induced possibly by the medication. (3) I am actually going insane. I think the first one is the most likely so let's go with that one. When I really, really woke up I was freaked out. I looked at the clock like I had in my dream but did a quick assessment. Yep, know my name. Yep, know where I am. Yep, can say something like "chair" and know what it means. In English. It was just terrifying to think about dementia and the like. If I am ever unfortunate enough to suffer from it may I never realize I'm suffering from it.

I can interpret this dream fairly easily using either of the two schools of thought I've accepted related to dream interpretation but I won't bore you with that (if you've made it this far).

So, needless to say, I took absolutely no medication this morning considering I had to drive, fly, drive again, audit someone's work, meet a doctor, find my hotel and food, and then please, God, get some sleep. I'm going to load up on carbs, take drugs, climb in to bed, and pray for a better, nay, pray for a night's sleep period.


Bubba's Sis said…
I have totally had nights exactly like that, girl. Drives ya nuts, huh? I hope tonight is better for you. Don't be scared - you're not going insane - that's just the drugs talking...
Bubba's Mom said…
Were you feverish?? Cause that sounds like fever dementia. I once had that and heard violin music for an entire night. I also have a thing about a little phonograph I had when I was a child, and in fever dreams it plays faster & faster until I wake up gasping. Be careful with those drugs girly-girl, especially when flying the next day. In cases like that, stick to the over-the-counter variety.
cjh said…
I'm awake and alive this morning. Slept some but I think the antibiotic may actually be a stimulant for me. And, no, Bubba's Mom, I didn't have a fever.
katielady said…
Wow. I'm confused. You were dreaming that you were dreaming all this stuff?

That is some serious medication! Are you taking anything else that could have produced such a strange reaction, opposite of what you expected? I'm thinking no, but still. I once had a doctor tell me not to take tylenol with a particular presc., but to take aleve. Had never heard that one.

Fort Worth rocks the house. Hope you are staying downtown.
Bubba's Sis said…
Are you possibly taking anything with Codeine in it? That always gets me - usually it's just the way you described your night to be! No more Codeine for Bubba's Sis.
Anonymous said…
Good Gosh!!! Exhausted you asked? Heck yeah! But what is all too sad is the sleepless nights I have had watching the clock tick away while random thoughts race through my head--but WITHOUT medication. Am I insane because here lately I have often thought that! LOL

I am interested in your dream interpretation. You should post!!!

And I hope you finally caught some good winks.
Bubba's Sis said…
I'm worried about you, girlfriend....hope you are feeling better!

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