Wow, where to start? I feel like I've been out of touch for so long...

I'm finally feeling coherent and nearly healthy. I haven't had to nap at all today. I've been able to focus and actually do my job. That's more than I can say for the past two weeks. Ugh.

This weekend some of my friends had a fondue party. We had three courses--cheese, main course (broth and oil), and chocolate. Yummm. It was all so good and good company, too. And, of all my friends' houses, I think theirs is my favorite.

I was in Detroit/Ann Arbor on Monday and Tuesday. I might as well have been in any town in any state in the country. I flew in and it was raining and dreary. I had to drive to Ann Arbor in the rain and with my mind in a fog. Couldn't exactly browse the surroundings. Went straight to my site and got there around 1:00. I had to leave a little after 4:00 because I couldn't physically stay awake. It sucked. And the site was not so great either. I went back to the good ol' Hampton Inn and promptly fell asleep. The bed there was probably one of the most comfortable in which I have ever slept (and not just because I've had weird sleep issues lately). I wandered off to grab some food to go, watched a little TV, and went to bed. The next morning I got up, went to work, went to the airport, went home. About all I have to say is it was chilly. And the foliage that grows there reminded me of St. Louis. Oh, and the airport is kind of cool. There's this tunnel you walk through that has space-age-ish music playing and coordinated light panels all along both walls. That was enough to make me feel like I was losing my mind, believe me. It was pretty nifty. Seriously, not much to report regarding Michigan. But I was there, dang it, and I wanted a snow globe. Unfortunately, the airport didn't have any. I have a feeling the powers that be may have realized that they contain liquid. How sad for me.

I'm in Norman, Oooooooooooooklahoma (where the wind comes sweepin' down the plain--seriously, it was freakin' windy today). We'll see if they have snow globes tomorrow. The weather was great here today, the site was pretty close to flawless, and the people are nice (although lots of them are not even a little bit fashionable). I heard someone in the waiting room talk about how he was in a car accident. He hit a cow. Yeah, a cow. It was a good day. I finished it off with Cracker Barrel. Tomorrow I get to eat breakfast at a little French place here, go to work a little later, and hopefully leave a little early. Sounds like a good day tomorrow, too.

Tomorrow is Grey's day!!!

Tonight I'm watching Dancing with the Stars. I can't help it. I think Max is hot. I'd like for him to gyrate near me. And, Harry, even though I've always found him handsome...kind of awkward and disappointing.

One last note, I wonder if Willie getting in trouble with the law again will hurt Kinky's campaign?


Bubba's Sis said…
Love Cracker Barrel, love DWTS, love singing Ooooooooooooo-klahoma! And I agree about Harry Hamlin - not so great as a dancer. I bet his wife is a little bit embarrassed.

SO glad you are feeling better! When can we do lunch again?
angelq said…
Okay, I looked at the web page for DWTS and Joey Lawrence is kinda scary. His eyebrows are painted on and the bald thing doesn't really work for him. Kinda looks like Howie Mandell from Deal or No Deal.
Bubba's Sis said…
But have you seen him dance?

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