big ol' behind

There's so much to do. You know how missing work because you're sick makes you behind? You know how when you're out of the office for pretty much any reason (even if it is work-related) it makes you behind? I'm really, really behind.

My schedule was so well-planned before I got sick and had to rearrange things. I was supposed to have two busy weeks separated by a catch-up one. Instead, I was sick (physically and then mentally from that freakin' medicine) for two weeks. Schedule began to suck. Now, pull out your calendar. See September 14th? Yeah, from then till the end of the month, wanna guess how many days I was in the office? You have a good number in your head? Mmhmm...the answer is one. One day. That's not enough to catch up on things. And then you pile on more work every single day. Ugh.

When you tell people you travel a lot for work you get "must be nice" responses most of the time. These come from people who never travel for work. Or maybe they travel once or twice a year for some sort of convention where they are wined and dined. This is not how my job works. I really do try to work in something interesting on each trip, especially if it's to a place I've never been before. Maybe it's a restaurant you can't find at home. Or one of my wonderfully interesting historic hotels. Maybe a mall. Or chatting with a stranger in the hotel bar. Right now? None of these. Lame restaurants and boring hotels. It's more important to try to get some work done in the evening than to try to find some quaint eatery. Proximity to my site is the most crucial quality in a hotel. So sad...

So here's to another night of work in my cookie-cutter hotel room, eating take-out from a chain restaurant...ah, the glamorous life of a traveler.


Bubba's Sis said…
Where are you this week? I'm hoping you are able to get all caught up and get rid of that big ol' behind. That's never attractive.
tigger said…
I know plenty of people who travel a lot for work. "Must be nice" is not the phrase that comes to mind.

Glad you're feeling better!
Creechman said…
You had a cookie cutter in your hotel room and all I got was this cheap coffee pot and microwave.

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