harry potter

Awhile back the comments on some other post turned to Harry Potter and my take on the books. I had never read any of them. I'm not sure why. I think that they started coming out when I wasn't in the mood to read. Grad school really took it out of me. There was so much reading involved and then I'd feel guilty if I read for fun. So I just stopped reading for fun altogether. Then I guess there were other things to read. Then I didn't want to carry around giant hardback books while traveling (where I do much of my reading). And then there were six books out and that felt like a huge commitment when the pile of unread books (other than HP) was HUGE. Ok, so maybe I do know why I haven't read them.

Now I'm done with four of them. Finally. I've seen all the movies so those felt like a little bit of a chore (especially the first three). The movies seem really pretty true to the books. And they're well-made and entertaining. I've just started book five so not much to report there.

I am enjoying them. I'm entertained that people ever thought they were teaching the world's children witchcraft or were anti-Christian or whatever. The kids in the books still celebrate Christmas. You hear of no holidays that aren't also celebrated by Muggles. It's all basic good and evil. Like Star Wars and millions of other stories told throughout time. People just feel the need to get offended sometimes, I think. It's one of the luxuries we have in our society since all of our basic needs our met. Ok, I'm off topic.

I love all the characters. Hermione is great because I could see myself being her. I love how the author tells you what you need to know throughout a particular book so that it all comes together in the end. I like (for the young reader's sake) that she gives you little reminders of things that came before. I love a bit of the Queen's English. They are well-written books and are good for kids of all ages, as they say. And if it gets kids reading, hallelujah.

I'm very glad to be into the new material. I'll let you know how I think the last two were once I'm done (without giving anything away for the few people out there who haven't read them).

Hope everyone has a great Labor Day weekend. Mine is feeling jam-packed (except for tonight...I'm going to enjoy what a has become a rare night at home).


Damanick said…
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Bubba's Sis said…
Harry Potter is much-loved at our house. Brilliant Daughter read the first book when she was in 2nd grade, and has read all of them multiple times now (we own them all - in hardback!). Of course, we own all the movies. I have read them, too, and I agree with everything you said! The movies were very well done, but left SO MUCH out! I guess if they tried to put every detail into the movies they would be 5 hours long. Oh well. We're all looking forward to the last book, due out next year, I believe...
katielady said…
I am currently in the midst of RE-READING the books! I was a skeptic, didn't start reading them until a couple of years ago, and still haven't seen all the movies. Only seen the first. My goal was to wait until I read all the books, then see the movies, but I doubt that will happen.

Bubba won't read them, and thinks I'm silly for re-reading. But they are so good!

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