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Not much going on with me. I seemed to have made a good decision with not going to Oklahoma this week. I think my height of relative wellness was on Saturday and it's been downhill ever since. I will refrain from talking about the stuff that is coming out of my nose. At least the doctor can see me today and give me antibiotics...I'm not leaving without a prescription. Please let them make my head feel better before tomorrow morning when I fly to Ft. Worth.

So, yeah, instead of having a crazy work schedule this week, a mild one next week, and a crazy one the week after, now I get two crazies in a row. Bubba's Sis, that means I probably won't be able to do lunch until October.

Also, I've got the groggy, disconnected feeling today without the aid of drugs. Maybe you've noticed?

I started the sixth HP yesterday. I've been reading it so much that I think I'm starting to turn a little British.

The title of the post is for my psychology peeps. No racing thoughts...they are, in fact, very, very sluggish.

One of my comments yesterday said I could count on having more people respond to my posts if I talked about sex instead of sadness. To that, I say I would not need to talk about sadness if I had anything to tell you about sex. Or, actually, you'd be lucky if I posted at all. So I leave you with this, dear readers--how is it that some people seem to spend their lives never being single, going from relationship to relationship, while others are quite the opposite?


angelq said…
Maybe you have to examine why those people are always in a relationship. Are they so insecure that they cannot be alone? If so, they surely cannot all be rewarding or fruitful relationships. Maybe they don't know what a quality relationship means and, therefore, must try many relationships before they figure out what they want. Maybe they will never find out what they want.

On the other hand, those who are rarely in relationships may be so secure with who they are that they can be more selective in their relationships. But that may also make them more unapproachable by the former, more insecure bunch. They are then destined to wait until someone truly worth the time comes along and are more likely to find, I think, a lasting relationship. Of course, then there is always the danger of that person snatching the first available relationship and regretting the decision later.

So, apparently, I have no answers, just more tangential thoughts. It seems that the best relationships are always the ones you didn't see coming.
Bubba's Sis said…
I think angelq hit the nail on the head...

You may have to wait for The One, but, oh the sweet rewards when he finally comes along! I PROMISE!!
katielady said…
As another Smug Married (like angelq), I doubt you'll take my response seriously. But here goes....

I was never really in real 'relationships' prior to marrying Bubba, as guys I dated only lasted about 3 months. Once I figured out that it was never going to work on a long-term basis, I ended it. I was much more secure by myself than feeling like I needed a guy around, but there always seemed to be one around after a few months. Part of that is being in a male-dominated field (they always try to set you up with their 'friends'), but I sincerely believe that once you are happy with your own self and being alone, those of the opposite sex who are the same way pick up on it and there ya go. Boom! Instant connection. That's what happened with me and Bubba. Well, the Clif Notes version. Truth be told, with all those I knew with in a few weeks that it wasn't going to work, I knew within a month of dating Bubba long distance that we would get married. And that was over 6 years ago.

And, as a side note, japruf wasn't blogging about his own personal sex life (that's a little TMI), but just about sex in general. Something about sex in society, etc. And, true to form, we all commented on it!
Bubba's Sis said…
Do people blog about their own, personal sex lives?? Boy, mine would be a BORING blog!
cjh said…
I bet there are people who blog about their sex lives. Hmmm... And, KatieLady, I like to hear from the Smug Married because something obviously worked.
Anonymous said…
I like tangential thoughts! When you're reading HP, do the characters have little british accents in your head? Being one of the peeps who went from one relationship to another, I never felt like I needed a guy, I just liked having one around. I would just spend time with one until I got bored or they wanted to get more serious, then I moved on. I knew I would never marry any of them, so my standards weren't as high. I allowed myself to enjoy that person for the time being and to let go when the time came. Men do this all the time without guilt, but for some reason woman have a harder time. I know this sounds shallow, but I don't regret it, as a matter of fact, I often wish that I did it more often. I learned a lot in those relationships, especially about things that I did not want in a husband. Hmmm... how does this relate to the Sex in the City episode when Carry questions whether or not they are sluts. Frankly, I think they are. But damn it, they make it look so adventurous.
Anonymous said…
See now...and I was hoping cjh could answer questions like that for us.

It's all a matter of...DNA..I guess you could say...combined with that big "S" word...SOCIETY and how we were raised. It's just a big conglomeration of it all. But mostly...DNA...back to the concept that no matter what the situation is...we all treat it differently.

I went from being raised in a big family...with not a good life as a teenager..to raising my own ...reliving some of the 'bad' that I saw my mother live through...to groping for something better for my children... in the end finding out that I had lived my life for someone else and therefore....lost myself over time. Still struggling to find out..yes who I am and what I want...scared to death to be in a relationship because I know how much I want one and yes...how much I "NEED" one and yet insisting that I don't....I can do this on my own....I don't need a man to make it work (Pissed at the world when they try to make me believe that I do). But do I Need one...or is it just that yes....this is the first time in my 40 some years that I have ever really been 'alone'that I don't know how to be alone...I'm not secure with myself as 'alone'? So you see...I am struggling with figuring out who I am and what I want...knowing that I shouldn't be in a relationship again until I figure that out...but yearning so much to be in a relationship...that I still continue to lose sight of who 'I' am.

Really...I'm not as messed up as it sounds.....?????

And although I tell myself on a regular basis that there is no such thing as Prince Charming, I know that life just wouldn't be the same if I quit 'believing' in that fairy tale. I won't give up hope...I refuse to stop believing...even though I know that at this point in life...Prince Charming will be a 'graying'tall, dark and handsome...but with some luck...that graying will have that awesome 'Sean Connery'perspective.

I had someone tell me once...that as a woman..you have to be the apple and place yourself at the top of the tree...knowing that the 'not so good' apple pickers will hastily pick from the bottom of the tree, and know that when you get picked from the top of the tree...it will be by someone that thinks you are worth the work to climb to the top!!!!!

cjh....some of us are growing on an extremely large tree...and when we get picked...it will be for life...and it will be awesome.

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