Wednesday, July 31, 2013

month 12

Well, baby boy. You did it. You've been in this world every day of the year. You are a complete joy. Well, minus the times you are pitchin' the biggest fits. You are definitely worth all the trouble you caused me during pregnancy and all the sleep deprivation and all the diaper fails (um, including this morning's).

You've had a pretty big month. You now know lots of tricks--waving, clapping, giving high fives, blowing raspberries, blowing bubbles in the pool. You can stand on your own, stand up from the squatting position and vice versa, cruise like nobody's business. You have mastered the stairs. Up, anyway. You climb off the furniture on your own. You get into and out of the kid-sized chairs all by yourself. You've actually taken a few steps here and there over the last week. Very exciting! But I think it will be awhile before you're proficient. No rush.

Over the last week, we've started the switch to milk. Once the formula is gone in all your various caregiving places, you're done. I love this step. Next up? Getting rid of the bottle. I LOVE that step, too. And then I guess we'll tackle the paci. So far you haven't had any issues with milk. Knock on wood.

You almost solely eat finger foods. We give you a plate but it often ends up on the floor or turned upside down. You also get a sippy cup. You still spit a lot of it out. You play with plasticware but we rarely let you try to feed yourself. When you do, you're a mess.

You're starting to thin out a little. We go to the doctor on Friday so I'll update your stats then. Your hair is still strawberry blonde and it's getting thicker. You have the best eyes and long (but pale) eye lashes. I think you're going to have my long fingers and toes. Still just the 5 teeth.

You're sleeping ok. Daddy often puts you to bed. Our evening routine is going on a family walk followed by a kids' joint bath. Sometimes your sister and I then join you and Daddy in your room. Y'all play a little and then read some. We break away and Daddy gives you a bottle and puts you to bed. Sometimes you're easy, and sometimes you cry and cry. Still often wake up too early. You have an erratic nap schedule these days, and I'm a little concerned you'll be asleep for your entire birthday party on Saturday. I scheduled the time back when your nap schedule was pretty predictable. So it goes.

You now say Dada, and I think you know what it means. You say Mama, too, but I'm not convinced you mean it. Last Friday, your auntie was watching you and you repeated "no, no." You've said it a few times since. It totally freaks me out because it means you're communicating. You will have a voice. I can't wait to hear what all it says.

You still really dislike diaper changes, getting dressed, and having your nails trimmed. You love being outside and hate coming back in. You play with blocks and are starting to try to figure things out a bit more. You love getting into the kitchen cabinets and pantry and wish you could get into the potty. You absolutely LOVE dogs. Even more than your sister, I think--which I hardly believe is possible. You want to lounge on them. Tessa lets you and Maggie surprisingly tolerates you. You love water and will find any little puddle to soak yourself in. And you often prefer Daddy, which works out well since your sister is the opposite.

Tonight we're going to celebrate your birthday proper at your grandparents'. Then we'll have a party here on Saturday. It's an airplane party. I think it will be fun. You have a terribly cute outfit to wear. I must say that I'll be somewhat relieved once the party is over, though. I put a lot of pressure on myself to make sure your first year was given as much attention as your sister's. It was much harder, but I feel pretty good about it.

Earlier this week I was sitting in the big blue chair in your room. I bought that chair when I was still in grad school. It's seen me through single days, loneliness, giddiness, heartbreak. It's lived in a couple of apartments in a couple of towns, storage, and 2 houses. It's seen me go from from that single girl to a wife to a mother two times over. I've fallen asleep in it reading or when I was sick and could only sleep sitting up and when I was pregnant with you. A lot. In fact, I was in that chair when labor started a year ago. Of course, I've slept with you in that chair many times this last year. And this week I was sitting in it, watching your Daddy read to you and your sister. She was sitting in his lap and you were standing in front of him, holding on to his knee. I was just so overwhelmed by that scene. That lonely girl only dreamt of this life. It's so hard to appreciate it every minute of every day but I'm trying. You have been the perfect final puzzle piece of this family. I'm so proud to be your mama. Happy birthday, my sweet little Buns.

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

30 months

And suddenly you're 2.5, Chicken.  This morning I told you it was your half birthday and then you started telling everyone you were 2 1/2.  It's true.  I like that you and your brother are 18 months + exactly 1 week apart.  We can celebrate half birthdays, as needed.  You do have a tiny bit of jealousy sometimes but I really couldn't ask for a better sibling relationship at this point.  It's a joy to watch you two interact.

So what are you like these days?  Chatty.  Super chatty.  We talk the entire time we're in the car.  Actually, we talk pretty much the entire time you're awake.  You are very verbal and we have conversations.  You have a great memory.  Earlier this week I couldn't remember the incident that led to a comment.  When I was telling Daddy the story, you piped up with the part I couldn't remember.  Amazing.

You mostly know your ABCs.  For a long time you missed "TUV" but now you usually get them.  Instead?  You miss "WXYZ."  What is that about?  You know lots of opposites and colors and counting to 13 (which is followed by eleventeen).  You know your whole name.  And your brother's. 

You're very personable and really well-behaved outside of the house.  You know the neighbors and their dogs and which houses they live in.  You say hello to them by name.  You aren't terribly shy with strangers.  You're very good with their names, too--a trait that must have skipped a generation.

Everyday you say something crazy and funny.  You told me the other day that your poopoo comes out of your pupek.  You repeat a lot of what other people say (especially me).  You have told me and your brother that you love us.  Unprompted.  I about cried the first time you said it.  But it was just as sweet to hear you say it to him. 

You're potty trained!  Holy moly!  After MONTHS of kind of half trying to teach you, we did a potty training lockdown over Memorial Day weekend.  I had to leave on day 4 to go to California for a week for work.  I thought surely everyone would stop.  But they pushed through!  By the 5th day, you had no more accidents.  Since then, you have had two.  Both have been first thing in the morning when you just couldn't make it to a potty in time.  You do still sleep with a diaper but I'm totally ok with that.

Sleeping...  This has been hit-n-miss your whole life.  You now sometimes get out of your toddler bed.  Not good.  But you don't play in your room or anything.  You just come get me.  This can be soon after we've put you to bed or in the middle of the night.  Sigh.  Sometimes you go to bed without an argument (we're in that phase now) and sometimes you cry and cry and cry.  I tried to make y'all have an earlier bedtime but summer doesn't help with that.  We're back to about 9:00. 

Sometimes you have a good appetite and sometimes not.  You love fruit the most.  Lately you've been getting a little juice and you like strawberry milk.  You also like these Pediasure shakes but you prefer everything to be at room temperature.  No cold drinks for you.  You also like mac n cheese, sausage, chicken, and yogurt.  When we go out to eat we don't usually get a kid's item--you get quesadillas, etc. 

You love to be outside.  You enjoy swinging, sliding, swimming, playing with your brother, playing in the play house, watering the plants, following me around, walking Maggie, blowing bubbles.  You love bathtime and reading and singing songs.  You enjoy school and your friends there.  You love your cousin.  You still love animals and have been to the zoo a few times. 

You love princesses and high heels.  Still love jewelry.  You wear dresses almost every day.  You like to have your hair fixed but don't necessarily like the fixing part.  You love pink.  And then purple.  And then all the other colors pale in comparison.

In short, you're pretty awesome.  You make me happy every single day.  You also test me every single day.  But I think that's part of the deal.

Monday, July 01, 2013

eleventh month

Buns, we've nearly made it an entire year.  Not sure how that's possible.  Plans are in full swing for your first birthday.  I think it's going to be fun!

This month you've made a lot of progress physically.  You are a champ at crawling.  Sometimes you crawl with one knee and one foot.  Your cousin did that, too.  And you get up and down easily.  You cruise A LOT (on the furniture).  If I sit you down on your feet you can stand on your own for just a bit.  The other day I did that (in the middle of the room) and you just squatted down.  On your own.  Not holding onto anything.  Not falling.  You have been able to hang onto moving things and walk a little bit--like the giant toy car that's outside.

You love water and putting your hand in the stream coming from the hose.  You enjoy being outside and swinging and making messes.  You are chatting more and sometimes say "mamamama" but I don't think you've said anything and meant it yet.  You're still smiley but anger more often. You absolutely hate getting your diaper changed or changing clothes--you're too busy for all that.

You still love finger foods as well as baby food pouches, yogurt, and applesauce.  You can use a sippy cup but mostly just to spit it out all over yourself.  Since you're still learning, we've only given you water in it.  I'm hopeful that once your milk is in it (in another month) you'll figure out that you should, in fact, swallow.  Your shirts will be happier for it.  You are very messy these days.

Sleep is ok.  You still wake up too early on most days.  And still seem to be awakened by hunger.  Sometimes I think you're awakened by pooping.  You have had some crazy poopy diaper fails.  One day it was all over everything when I came in to get you that morning.  I just scooped you up and put you straight in the bathtub.  Who would have thought that that wouldn't be a big deal to me?  (And is much preferable to your sister whining.)

Daddy secretly cut your hair for the first time this month.  He had mentioned wanting to but then just started doing it one morning.  Neither of us had any warning.  No one had the video camera or the regular camera.  I stopped him and forced some pictures.  You still need a real haircut before your birthday party. 

You still have just the five teeth but it seems like you've been teething again.  Granted, it has seemed that way for quite awhile.  What is it with you drooly kids?

We celebrated your daddy's birthday and Father's Day this month.  We went out to eat for Father's Day and you two were a handful.  Actually, like 6 handfuls or something more than what is easily managed.  But people around us didn't seem to mind.  I won't lie, though.  I'll be glad when you two are slightly more well-behaved in public.  Or at least just stay in your seats.

We ended your 11th month with extended family in the county Mama grew up in.  It was so nice to see all of you children having fun together.  I hope we can go down to the country more often so that those people are a part of your life.  Family is important, Buns.  And while you will likely end up with friends who feel like family, you still need to remember the rest of us.  We didn't choose each other but I don't think I could have picked better babies if I tried.


I missed my 7th blogiversary.  It was June 23rd.  I can't believe I've been writing for seven years.  Well, I guess I've been writing a good solid 5 and then intermittently these last two.  Thanks for sticking around.