eleventh month

Buns, we've nearly made it an entire year.  Not sure how that's possible.  Plans are in full swing for your first birthday.  I think it's going to be fun!

This month you've made a lot of progress physically.  You are a champ at crawling.  Sometimes you crawl with one knee and one foot.  Your cousin did that, too.  And you get up and down easily.  You cruise A LOT (on the furniture).  If I sit you down on your feet you can stand on your own for just a bit.  The other day I did that (in the middle of the room) and you just squatted down.  On your own.  Not holding onto anything.  Not falling.  You have been able to hang onto moving things and walk a little bit--like the giant toy car that's outside.

You love water and putting your hand in the stream coming from the hose.  You enjoy being outside and swinging and making messes.  You are chatting more and sometimes say "mamamama" but I don't think you've said anything and meant it yet.  You're still smiley but anger more often. You absolutely hate getting your diaper changed or changing clothes--you're too busy for all that.

You still love finger foods as well as baby food pouches, yogurt, and applesauce.  You can use a sippy cup but mostly just to spit it out all over yourself.  Since you're still learning, we've only given you water in it.  I'm hopeful that once your milk is in it (in another month) you'll figure out that you should, in fact, swallow.  Your shirts will be happier for it.  You are very messy these days.

Sleep is ok.  You still wake up too early on most days.  And still seem to be awakened by hunger.  Sometimes I think you're awakened by pooping.  You have had some crazy poopy diaper fails.  One day it was all over everything when I came in to get you that morning.  I just scooped you up and put you straight in the bathtub.  Who would have thought that that wouldn't be a big deal to me?  (And is much preferable to your sister whining.)

Daddy secretly cut your hair for the first time this month.  He had mentioned wanting to but then just started doing it one morning.  Neither of us had any warning.  No one had the video camera or the regular camera.  I stopped him and forced some pictures.  You still need a real haircut before your birthday party. 

You still have just the five teeth but it seems like you've been teething again.  Granted, it has seemed that way for quite awhile.  What is it with you drooly kids?

We celebrated your daddy's birthday and Father's Day this month.  We went out to eat for Father's Day and you two were a handful.  Actually, like 6 handfuls or something more than what is easily managed.  But people around us didn't seem to mind.  I won't lie, though.  I'll be glad when you two are slightly more well-behaved in public.  Or at least just stay in your seats.

We ended your 11th month with extended family in the county Mama grew up in.  It was so nice to see all of you children having fun together.  I hope we can go down to the country more often so that those people are a part of your life.  Family is important, Buns.  And while you will likely end up with friends who feel like family, you still need to remember the rest of us.  We didn't choose each other but I don't think I could have picked better babies if I tried.


Tonya said…
Love it! He is so adorable!!!
Katie Lady said…
My gosh, C. He is A-dor-a-ble!!! I just love reading these!

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