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sixth month

Buns!  Six!  You are, by far, my favorite baby.  (It's ok.  Your sister knows she's my favorite big girl.)  You are just so full of smiles.  Even if you're misbehaving, those smiles just make me melt.  Love that you give them to me frequently.

Things are still good with you and your sister.  She buries you in things when given the opportunity.  I'm glad we never put you directly on the sand while on vacation.

Speaking of, you went on your first vacation this month.  I'll have to write more about that later but you were a pretty good boy.  You had your first flights (did great!) and used your passport for the first time. I know I've mentioned it before, but I'm so sorry about your passport photo.  Here, this one is cuter.

You didn't mind getting wet or getting sand on your toes.  The same could not be said about your sister during her first vacation last year.  The water was too wet to really spend much time in, though.  That's ok.  You still rocked so…


I have a list of posts I want to write.  Even though that could make me feel behind, I'm actually kind of glad since it means that there are exciting things happening AND I feel compelled to write.  Two topics should come before this one but it's a lot of fun.

For Chicken's birthday proper, we continued the tradition of getting together for dinner with her grandparents (and auntie this year).  Her grandmother made a great dinner and got mini bundt cakes (think old school cupcake-size) from a new bakery here.  Then presents!  Since she heard she was 2, she was grumpy pants that night.  She did enjoy her presents, though.  And the cake.  She even blew out her candles.

I have no idea why she decided to just bite right in instead of using utensils or even her hands.  What can I say?  She's 2.  Miles enjoyed himself as well.  I love that baby.

We celebrated with a bigger party on Saturday.  Since she loves them, it was a puppy party.  I had a lot of fun with the theme.  The…

two years

Happy birthday, Chicken!  This second year has just flown by.  I think it's because of all the huge changes we've made.  They tend to keep a person busy.  It has been a great year for you, though.  I've told people that the first year is all about physical changes and the second is about cognitive ones.  It's been amazing to watch.

So what are you like at 731 days old?  You can walk, run, jump, walk backwards, climb stairs, dance, and march.  You have sadly weak abs (like Mommy) and are sometimes like a turtle when on your back.  You have gotten much taller and thinned out but we won't have official stats on this until next week when we have your doctor's appointment (but you're around 27 pounds).  Your hair is still blonde and is so long and you still have those great eye lashes.  You wear size 6 shoes or 7s with socks.  You have all but one of your teeth.  *Update: You are 34.5" tall (67th percentile) and 26 lb 14.4 oz (53rd percentile).*

You love ac…

life list: run an entire 5k

So I just added this to the list a few days ago.  Then, unexpectedly, the first opportunity of 2013 arose.  Weather wasn't the best (low 40s, rainy, windy, did I mention cold?) but it was nearby, on trails, and The Brother was doing it.  We abandoned our spouses and children and ran our first 5k of the year.  He's been running the entire thing for over a year now but it was my first time.  When I ran the one in December, I felt like I was getting close to accomplishing this goal but didn't expect it to be the very next run.  Woohoo!  My time was about 39:35.  Under 40!  We'll have several runs coming up as it gets a little warmer.  I guess my new goal should be to beat that time.

goals, goals, goals

I should totally be working.  I haven't been motivated at the job for many days since I came back from maternity leave this time.  It's sad.  I'll get stuff done, though.  I promise.  Anyway, last year I wrote this post that including what Life List items I wanted to work on for the year.  It included:
Have that second child.Find the perfect mac and cheese recipe. Make a baby quilt for that second child.And keep the beginnings of a good baby book for that same kid.To work on my posture. Well, I accomplished numbers 1, 3, and 4.  I don't think I made mac and cheese once, and my posture is still poor.  But, come on.  Number 1 is kind of a biggie so I'm still considering it a successful year.  I also mentioned in that post that we were going to try to sell our house, buy a new one, and for me to change positions within my company.  Cross all 3 of those off the list.  So I'm a schlumpy, non-mac-and-cheese-makin' person.  Tiny, tiny unmet goals in the grand sche…

2012 reads

Slightly behind on the 2012 wrap-up this year but doing way better than last year apparently.  Go me.  Anyway, here's the reading list.

Read some of:

I know this much is true And Baby Makes Three Hans Anderson's Fairy Tales Baby 411 And read all of:

9. About a Boy
8. The Paris Wife
7. Pregnancy Day by Day
6. Run Like a Mother
5. The Love List
4. Bossypants
3. Mockingjay
2. Catching Fire
1. The Hunger Games

Sad, sad list.  Shortest one ever.  But we did sell a house, buy a house, birth a baby, and keep not one but two kids alive for half the year.  Cutting myself some slack.  Really enjoyed what I read, though.  Loved the Hunger Games series.  Bossypants was funny.  Run Like a Mother, inspiring and motivational.  And really, really enjoyed The Paris Wife.  Made me want to read Hemingway to that may be on the list this year along with 50 Shades of Grey.  We're on vacation later this month so hopefully I'll get a little reading in then.  Woohoo!  Any book suggestions a…