sixth month

Buns!  Six!  You are, by far, my favorite baby.  (It's ok.  Your sister knows she's my favorite big girl.)  You are just so full of smiles.  Even if you're misbehaving, those smiles just make me melt.  Love that you give them to me frequently.

Things are still good with you and your sister.  She buries you in things when given the opportunity.  I'm glad we never put you directly on the sand while on vacation.

Speaking of, you went on your first vacation this month.  I'll have to write more about that later but you were a pretty good boy.  You had your first flights (did great!) and used your passport for the first time. I know I've mentioned it before, but I'm so sorry about your passport photo.  Here, this one is cuter.

You didn't mind getting wet or getting sand on your toes.  The same could not be said about your sister during her first vacation last year.  The water was too wet to really spend much time in, though.  That's ok.  You still rocked some cute vacation wear.

You got to try solids for the first time this month.  We started with boring ol' rice cereal on the 20th.  Yo did great the first time and since then have been less enthusiastic.  We tried a little banana mixed in one time and we've tried sweet potatoes.  It seems like your sister has been slightly more successful at getting you to eat than your parents have.  Hey, whatever works.  I'm slightly frustrated but have been through this before.

Mama is also weaning you.  We made it to 6 months!  Yea!  And that is good enough for me.  We'll probably be done done within the week.

No real change with pooping.  We're moving you up a size in diapers since we were still having the diaper fails.  One funny thing is that you almost always pee when I put you in the bath.  That warm water gets you every time.  Maybe your sister did that, too, but it's easier to tell with you.

We've all been sick off and on.  Still.  You had a little pink eye but it resolved pretty quickly.  I'll be so glad when winter is over.  I know that's no guarantee but hopefully it will help us go more than a week without someone needing tissue.

We celebrated your sister's 2nd birthday last week.  You were so happy during both celebrations (even when she wasn't).  You also got to meet a few new people and they loved you.  Of course.

Mama had her first work trip this month, too.  Overnight!  You got to stay here with your sister and Daddy.  Mama was so looking forward to sleeping all night but ended up getting to bed late.  Boo.  Y'all did great here, though.  Very glad that these trips are few and far between these days.

You have gotten more chatty this month.  You don't say anything that sounds like a real word but lots of cooing and a little babbling.  It's very cute.  You start it right when you wake up.  You continue to love your feet and chewing on anything in sight.  You started sitting up a little bit. You're not that good at it yet but it's fun to see.  Still no teeth but Mama thinks that's just because you were being considerate of the breastfeeding.  You'll be free to get them here soon.  I think both of your front bottom ones are on the way.  You seem to be getting a bit more hair.  It may be a little more strawberry blonde rather than red.  I'm ok with that.  I think that would make for an easier life for you.  You have two super long strands of hair right on the top of your head.  They're not that noticeable but Mama should probably trim them.  Not sure I'm ready to, though.  We could use them as a comb-over.

No doctors appointment until Monday but you are definitely thinner than your sister was at this point.  I'll be excited to hear your stats.  You have developed anger and frustration when a toy gets taken away.  You still don't enjoy tummy time all that much.  You spend some time in the exersaucer.  You still rarely roll.  You did "helicopter" one of your feet the other day.  I'm interested to see if you do them both (along with your hands) like your sister did. *Update: You are 26.75" (61%) and 16 lb 8.7oz (31%). You've been sick so maybe that's why your weight is down. Concerns Mama, though.*

Finally, sleep.  Oh, Buns.  How I wish I had great things to report. Now that we've made it through the holidays and vacation, we're doing some sleep training.  Mama had to work on getting you to sleep in the co-sleeper (instead of with/on Mama).  Then I moved you to your room this week. You sleep about 4.5 hours, wake up to eat, rinse, repeat.  Which means Mama is up around 5:30.  That's too early, Buns.  Too early.  And there's no physical reason why you need to eat during the night.  Not anymore.  No, sir.  We're working on it, though.  I have faith you will sleep through the night.

Well, buddy, while I was writing all this your daycare called to tell me you were sick (fingers crossed it's minor and fast-moving). You had apparently thrown up on one of your teachers so much that she had to go home to change.  Thata boy.  If you're gonna do something, do it big.  Or...go big or go home.  You did both.


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