life list: run an entire 5k

So I just added this to the list a few days ago.  Then, unexpectedly, the first opportunity of 2013 arose.  Weather wasn't the best (low 40s, rainy, windy, did I mention cold?) but it was nearby, on trails, and The Brother was doing it.  We abandoned our spouses and children and ran our first 5k of the year.  He's been running the entire thing for over a year now but it was my first time.  When I ran the one in December, I felt like I was getting close to accomplishing this goal but didn't expect it to be the very next run.  Woohoo!  My time was about 39:35.  Under 40!  We'll have several runs coming up as it gets a little warmer.  I guess my new goal should be to beat that time.


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