Thursday, September 28, 2006

...and now, back to our regularly scheduled monotony

Finally, I'm back home. It was a long week as indicated by my inability to answer a simple question posed by an airline representative.

"What was in your luggage?"

"Clothes," I say.

No kidding, thinks Rep. "Yes, but what kind? Even saying 'a green shirt' would help locate your bag if the tag fell off."

"Hmmm, slacks? Yeah, some khaki slacks?" I reply. Why can't I think of what I wore this week. What did I wear yesterday? "Honest to God I can't remember what I wore yesterday. It's been a long week."

"I bet."

Honestly, it was. My luggage is supposedly arriving by 9pm tonight. Doesn't it seem weird that there are people who drive other people their luggage? It's their job. Airlines need to pay people to do that...seems strange and wasteful and an exercise in inefficiency but whatever.

So on my way home I was listening to the radio, flipping through the stations. You know how occasionally you'll do that and two stations are playing the same song? What are the odds? You think that maybe you hit the same preset twice and double-check. No, two stations really are playing the same song. The same two stations who bad-mouth each other and claim to be so different. This happened TWICE on the way home--once with a pair of country stations and once with a pair of rock-ish ones. I know radio stations beat the poo out of songs, but to play them at the same time?!

This is just a representation of how I've been feeling the last few days. Don't get me wrong, I really am still grateful that I don't have any negative, crazy drama in my life right now. Things just seem a little monotonous. I started thinking more about how there aren't a whole lot of huge moments in people's lives (as in, it's the little things...). I mean, people have days where they say "I got the job!" or "I'm having a baby!" or "I bought a house!" But most of them are just regular ol' days. Again, don't get me wrong...there are plenty of times when you yearn for regular ol' days.

Think back over, say, the last 10 years (let's make it big). So that's 1996-now. Can you think of big things that marked each of those years? And, if not, why? I know I can't. I don't feel like I've had a lot of milestones lately. But you don't have to have milestones. Can't you create them? That's what I'm thinking. I need to make the effort to have years (months, weeks...) that I can look back on and say "that's when I..." I need to break up the monotony. Any ideas?

For the record, I can think of big things for the following years: 1997, 1998, 2001, 2004, 2005, 2006 (one of the years is for a bad thing, one for a mixed thing, and three of them are kind of stretching it).

Wednesday, September 27, 2006


Tigger stealthily sneaked my quote from the other day to use in her blog. Today, I'm sending you there for this. Would love to do this in airports...

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

big ol' behind

There's so much to do. You know how missing work because you're sick makes you behind? You know how when you're out of the office for pretty much any reason (even if it is work-related) it makes you behind? I'm really, really behind.

My schedule was so well-planned before I got sick and had to rearrange things. I was supposed to have two busy weeks separated by a catch-up one. Instead, I was sick (physically and then mentally from that freakin' medicine) for two weeks. Schedule began to suck. Now, pull out your calendar. See September 14th? Yeah, from then till the end of the month, wanna guess how many days I was in the office? You have a good number in your head? Mmhmm...the answer is one. One day. That's not enough to catch up on things. And then you pile on more work every single day. Ugh.

When you tell people you travel a lot for work you get "must be nice" responses most of the time. These come from people who never travel for work. Or maybe they travel once or twice a year for some sort of convention where they are wined and dined. This is not how my job works. I really do try to work in something interesting on each trip, especially if it's to a place I've never been before. Maybe it's a restaurant you can't find at home. Or one of my wonderfully interesting historic hotels. Maybe a mall. Or chatting with a stranger in the hotel bar. Right now? None of these. Lame restaurants and boring hotels. It's more important to try to get some work done in the evening than to try to find some quaint eatery. Proximity to my site is the most crucial quality in a hotel. So sad...

So here's to another night of work in my cookie-cutter hotel room, eating take-out from a chain restaurant...ah, the glamorous life of a traveler.

Sunday, September 24, 2006

life's real big prizes

It appears that people become concerned now if I don't post on a somewhat regular basis. That's kind of nice to know. Or maybe they just become concerned when the last post revealed possible mental health issues and then there was a lack of communication.

Regardless, I don't really have a lot on my mind right now. Since Thursday I've worked at home, bought yet another pair of boots, got a free pair of underwear, been told I'm an interesting combination of creative and analytical, read some blogs, gone to Home Depot and been surprised at how excited the store is about Halloween, realized yet again how great my friends are, made meatloaf, watched the Astros, been asked to do laundry... All in all, a pretty normal few days. I haven't watched any news, preferring instead to live in my own tiny little world instead of the greater one. I haven't delved too deeply into my head or anyone else's--a rarity for someone who majored in psychology. I haven't felt any real theme to discuss. And part of me is glad. Part of me is thankful for the seemingly boringness of my life these past few days because that also means there isn't a lot of drama.

I've kept a notebook of quotes for several years. When I read or hear something that strikes me as interesting I write it down. In my own handwriting.

I'll digress a little here to share a weird bit of information about me. Despite the grief that my life has held and all the circumstances that surround it, I feel like I've turned out ok. I feel like I've made it through without too much scarring. One way it has impacted me, however, is to want to leave something behind when I die. I don't need a dynasty or a building named after me or fame. What I'd like most is a family. I'd like children to carry on a part of me. Since I was very young (like elementary school age) I have kept journals. I called them "diaries" back then. I wish I could say that I wrote in them religiously and that I have boxes and boxes of information to document my life. Instead, I wrote much more sporadically. In adulthood I got a bit better about writing, at least at times. This is one reason I'm pleased about blogging. I'm enjoying writing. And knowing that someone is reading it helps keep me writing sometimes. Anyway, part of the reason I write is so that my future children will be able to read it one day. Like I said, even as a little girl I thought this way. I wanted to document how I was feeling so that when my 8-year-old daughter said she was fighting with another girl in school I could hand her a diary with 8-year-old cjh handwriting talking about the same thing. My 15-year-old daughter could read about her mother's trouble with boys. My 18-year-old daughter could read about what it was like to go to college. My hopefully very old daughter could re-read tales of her mother's life long after her mother is no longer around to share these things in person. Yes, I've probably done this because I wish it were done for me. No matter how old you are, you still have questions for a parent. You still wish the answers were easily found in a book somewhere.

So, like I was saying, I have this notebook where I write down quotes. In my own handwriting that someone besides me will appreciate one day. Some quotes are by famous writers, historians, scientists, actors, athletes. Some are by less famous people who are going through this journey with me. Usually, I just call them my friends. (See, once a psychology major, always a psychology major. You can't make it through the entire weekend without getting a bit philosophical.) I'll leave you with one of my favorites. It sums up the frame of mind I was in when this post started and maybe the blog as a whole.

Most of us miss out on life's big prizes. The Pulitzer. The Nobel. Oscars. Tonys. Emmys. But we're all eligible for life's small pleasures. A pat on the back. A kiss behind the ear. A four-pound bass. A full moon. An empty parking space. A crackling fire. A great meal. A glorious sunset. Hot soup. Cold beer.

Thursday, September 21, 2006

old friends

I'm so happy that Grey's Anatomy is back. It's like the return of old friends. Maybe like the friends you wouldn't see all summer but you were reunited with the first day back at school. Does that happen in the city? We lived far away from some of our friends, not just down the block. Anyway, I'm glad to see them. I'm glad, like old friends, we could pick up right where we left off.

So we need a new poll. If it were up to you people and if the universe worked like Survivor, we'd be voting off Mercury, Mars, or Neptune. Jupiter won by a nose. I'll work on a gigantic sash and crown for it.

The new poll will keep with the theme of old friends...

Wednesday, September 20, 2006


Wow, where to start? I feel like I've been out of touch for so long...

I'm finally feeling coherent and nearly healthy. I haven't had to nap at all today. I've been able to focus and actually do my job. That's more than I can say for the past two weeks. Ugh.

This weekend some of my friends had a fondue party. We had three courses--cheese, main course (broth and oil), and chocolate. Yummm. It was all so good and good company, too. And, of all my friends' houses, I think theirs is my favorite.

I was in Detroit/Ann Arbor on Monday and Tuesday. I might as well have been in any town in any state in the country. I flew in and it was raining and dreary. I had to drive to Ann Arbor in the rain and with my mind in a fog. Couldn't exactly browse the surroundings. Went straight to my site and got there around 1:00. I had to leave a little after 4:00 because I couldn't physically stay awake. It sucked. And the site was not so great either. I went back to the good ol' Hampton Inn and promptly fell asleep. The bed there was probably one of the most comfortable in which I have ever slept (and not just because I've had weird sleep issues lately). I wandered off to grab some food to go, watched a little TV, and went to bed. The next morning I got up, went to work, went to the airport, went home. About all I have to say is it was chilly. And the foliage that grows there reminded me of St. Louis. Oh, and the airport is kind of cool. There's this tunnel you walk through that has space-age-ish music playing and coordinated light panels all along both walls. That was enough to make me feel like I was losing my mind, believe me. It was pretty nifty. Seriously, not much to report regarding Michigan. But I was there, dang it, and I wanted a snow globe. Unfortunately, the airport didn't have any. I have a feeling the powers that be may have realized that they contain liquid. How sad for me.

I'm in Norman, Oooooooooooooklahoma (where the wind comes sweepin' down the plain--seriously, it was freakin' windy today). We'll see if they have snow globes tomorrow. The weather was great here today, the site was pretty close to flawless, and the people are nice (although lots of them are not even a little bit fashionable). I heard someone in the waiting room talk about how he was in a car accident. He hit a cow. Yeah, a cow. It was a good day. I finished it off with Cracker Barrel. Tomorrow I get to eat breakfast at a little French place here, go to work a little later, and hopefully leave a little early. Sounds like a good day tomorrow, too.

Tomorrow is Grey's day!!!

Tonight I'm watching Dancing with the Stars. I can't help it. I think Max is hot. I'd like for him to gyrate near me. And, Harry, even though I've always found him handsome...kind of awkward and disappointing.

One last note, I wonder if Willie getting in trouble with the law again will hurt Kinky's campaign?

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

it's alive!

Just a quick post to let y'all know I'm alive. Honest to God I just started feeling somewhat normal (for me anyway) tonight. I've been sleeping a bunch and traveling and lacking internet access. So much to catch up on and we need a new poll and everything. Hopefully I'll be able to post more tomorrow night. And read up on everyone else's lives...

Thursday, September 14, 2006

mwap mwap mwap mwap

(Think the Peanuts gangs' teacher's voice with that one.)

Oh, geez, where to begin... I'm in Ft. Worth, which I think I like better than Dallas. I don't think I've ever been to Ft. Worth.

The football stadium looks old from the outside. Ours is all shiny and new.

I'm saddened that Ann Richards died, although who wants a cancer battle to drag on and on... I heard her speak one time years ago. I liked her. First Steve Irwin and now good ol' Ann. I'll await one more.

I heard an interview with Kinky on the radio this morning. I would be super entertained if Willie Nelson were more involved in politics and if Padre were temporarily "sold" to Jimmy Buffett. Is it just me or does it seem like Rick Perry has been governor forever?

I also heard on the radio this morning that Sarah Ferguson, Duchess of York, was in Houston today. I like her, too. Sassy and red-headed. Wish I could have swung by to see her at the radio station.

It seems like I have been holed up for a week and had no contact with the outside world. Um, right, I kinda have been...

The real reason for the post is to share my crazy night with y'all. I left the doctor's office yesterday with some samples of prescription strength antihistamine. Nice. And a new antibiotic I've never taken. Both suggest they can make you drowsy. I, of course, fully expected them to. The antihistamine I'm supposed to take bid (just thought I'd throw out dosing lingo--twice a day). The antibiotic is just 5 days of one pill per day (which cost me $30 incidentally). So I took the antihistamine immediately and it made me a little tired but not too bad. My thoughts on flying today were to take it about when I left for the airport and then I could nap on the plane if needed. The antibiotic--easy--just take at night. See the plan? Are you with me? Are you seeing that this is bound to go horribly wrong?

So I executed the plan. I had to get up at about 6:15 this morning so I tried to get just a little more of Harry Potter in before I went to bed at around 10:30. Remember how yesterday I had very, very sluggish thoughts? They all decided to speed out of control at bedtime. Like all the thoughts I haven't had time for the last few days wanted to zoom thru all at once. Super.

So, among other things, I thought about things I have to do for work, things I got done for work, how once you're able to sort of breath again after being sick it suddenly feels like the air is so cold shooting up your nostril and right by your eye before heading straight into your brain, how I didn't want to look at the clock to see what time it was, how if I went to bed now I'd get X amount of sleep, how I hoped I'd be able to fly ok tomorrow, how I thought things would end up with Harry and the gang, how the Body Worlds exhibit made me realize even more how amazing the human body is, how my organs must all be really small to be crammed in here, how there's so little room for expansion that just having a little more snot in your head can cause terrible headaches, how my favorite body part is inside (it's my brain), how crazy it is to study your brain with your brain, how you can't (or at least I can't) tell what race someone is when they have no skin like some of the Body Worlds people, how we're all the same, how it's interesting to find after blogging that people/strangers all have a lot in common, how that seems to make people less special, how that sounds kind of sad, how there are probably a finite (albeit enormous) number of experiences and characteristics and matters of taste that exist in the world and that each person is a unique combination of these, how I am probably getting a little high off the medicine, how I am maybe reaching some cathartic place that only monks reach, how maybe if I steer my thoughts toward relationships I'll suddenly get great insight, how that immediately led me no where but to a million other things...and on and on and on... Are you exhausted reading that? Me, too. But I wasn't last night. Not at 10:30. Not at 12:30. Not at 2:30.

Now, you thought that was the weird part, didn't you? Nope. So I must have fallen asleep sometime between 2:30 and 3:00. I know this because I woke up around 3:00 freakin' going insane. I still am not quite sure what happened. Here are your options. (1) I was dreaming that I was dreaming. I woke up in the dream and was in my bedroom and, reasonably so, thought I was awake. But remember, in this theory I'm still dreaming. I look over at the clock to see what time it is but realize that I am going insane. I no longer understand English. It's not like I have another language to fall back on or like I never knew English. It's like I knew it but am now senile or something and have only enough sense to know how terrifying it is to lose your mind. (2) I woke up from a dream and could not, in fact, understand English due to a weird groggy in-between sleep/wake state induced possibly by the medication. (3) I am actually going insane. I think the first one is the most likely so let's go with that one. When I really, really woke up I was freaked out. I looked at the clock like I had in my dream but did a quick assessment. Yep, know my name. Yep, know where I am. Yep, can say something like "chair" and know what it means. In English. It was just terrifying to think about dementia and the like. If I am ever unfortunate enough to suffer from it may I never realize I'm suffering from it.

I can interpret this dream fairly easily using either of the two schools of thought I've accepted related to dream interpretation but I won't bore you with that (if you've made it this far).

So, needless to say, I took absolutely no medication this morning considering I had to drive, fly, drive again, audit someone's work, meet a doctor, find my hotel and food, and then please, God, get some sleep. I'm going to load up on carbs, take drugs, climb in to bed, and pray for a better, nay, pray for a night's sleep period.

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

tangential thoughts

Not much going on with me. I seemed to have made a good decision with not going to Oklahoma this week. I think my height of relative wellness was on Saturday and it's been downhill ever since. I will refrain from talking about the stuff that is coming out of my nose. At least the doctor can see me today and give me antibiotics...I'm not leaving without a prescription. Please let them make my head feel better before tomorrow morning when I fly to Ft. Worth.

So, yeah, instead of having a crazy work schedule this week, a mild one next week, and a crazy one the week after, now I get two crazies in a row. Bubba's Sis, that means I probably won't be able to do lunch until October.

Also, I've got the groggy, disconnected feeling today without the aid of drugs. Maybe you've noticed?

I started the sixth HP yesterday. I've been reading it so much that I think I'm starting to turn a little British.

The title of the post is for my psychology peeps. No racing thoughts...they are, in fact, very, very sluggish.

One of my comments yesterday said I could count on having more people respond to my posts if I talked about sex instead of sadness. To that, I say I would not need to talk about sadness if I had anything to tell you about sex. Or, actually, you'd be lucky if I posted at all. So I leave you with this, dear readers--how is it that some people seem to spend their lives never being single, going from relationship to relationship, while others are quite the opposite?

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

crickets chirping

Wow, one way to get absolutely no response is to tell people you're sad... In an effort to counteract that (and perhaps appear bipolar), here's the bit o' Harry Potter I laughed out loud at this morning. They were in the middle of their OWLS...

"Well, we were always going to fail that one," said Ron gloomily as they ascended the marble staircase. He had just made Harry feel rather better by telling him how he told the examiner in detail about the ugly man with a wart on his nose in his crystal ball, only to look up and realize he had been describing his examiner's reflection.

"We shouldn't have taken that stupid subject in the first place," said Harry.

"Still, at least we can give it up now."

"Yeah," said Harry. "No more pretending we care what happens when Jupiter and Uranus get too friendly..."

"And from now on, I don't care if my tea leaves spell die, Ron, die--I'm just chucking them in the bin where they belong."

Oh, and I'm not shirking work to read...I'm home sick today. The worst is over but it's just lingering. Going to the doctor tomorrow, Anonymous. That's the soonest they would see me. Just thought I'd end up feeling like crap all week if I flew four days straight with a sinus infection... Now I can at least salvage the last trip of the week.

Sunday, September 10, 2006

100 things--thankful

For another list of 100 I blame Geek. I am thankful:

1. for having all five senses.
2. for being mobile.
3. that I'm smart.
4. for not dislocating my knees in quite some time.
5. that my heart issue is not as scary as it first seemed.
6. that I have lots of great friends (and all that that means).
7. for having the ability to make friends.
8. for having a close relationship with my brother.
9. that I was adopted.
10. for being employed.
11. for getting to work from home.
12. for being able to read.
13. for being alive.
14. that my bio-mother chose life.
15. for having a place to live.
16. for having a reliable car.
17. I live in Texas.
18. I live in a place that is not war-torn.
19. for the relative safety of the town in which I live.
20. that I have all my limbs.
21. that it's socially acceptable for women to wear makeup.
22. that I can afford most of what I want and not just what I need.
23. for my parents.
24. that I was raised poor.
25. for bug spray (not necessarily related to the previous one).
26. that I grew up in a small town.
27. that I moved.
28. for my education.
29. that things work out in ways that I can't understand at the time.
30. for my sense of humor.
31. that I'm female.
32. that I've never broken any bones or had any major injuries.
33. that I get to keep my airline miles.
34. that I can usually remember faces.
35. that I have a generally good memory.
36. for having health insurance.
37. for my creativity.
38. for being able to keep a beat.
39. that I have never been in a physically abusive relationship.
40. for e-mail and the internet.
41. that old friends started blogging and passed that along to me.
42. for my cell phone.
43. that I was raised with manners.
44. that I don't have paparazzi.
45. that people like Mother Theresa & the Dalai Lama have walked the earth.
46. to live in a place with sunshine.
47. for indoor plumbing.
48. for grocery stores.
49. that I don't work in a factory or do manual labor.
50. to currently have only one job.
51. for praise.
52. that I do have a sense of responsibility.
53. for general mental health.
54. I feel comfortable being alone.
55. that I have hope.
56. for photography.
57. that I have poems (however cheesy) that were written by my mother.
58. that the value of education and independence were always stressed in my home.
59. for Christmas.
60. that I'm Southern.
61. for my red hair.
62. that the place I live has yet to be hit by a major natural disaster.
63. for my old neighbors.
64. for feeling the need to accomplish things.
65. that I want to make the world a better place.
66. that I have life experience.
67. that I've been able to meet the people I have in this world (even if they were just in and out very quickly).
68. for all four seasons.
69. for having good genes.
70. for stars and lightning bugs.
71. for music.
72. that you can always start over.
73. for forgiveness.
74. for deodorant.
75. for electricity.
76. for homemade, fresh-from-the-oven chocolate chip cookies.
77. for self-esteem.
78. that I am loved.
79. to have majored in psychology.
80. to have lived near the water nearly my whole life.
81. for good wine.
82. for road trips.
83. for a comfortable bed with soft cotton sheets in summer and flannel in winter.
84. that I have 10 healthy toenails.
85. that I'm not missing any important teeth.
86. that I hardly ever lose my ability to laugh.
87. that I'm a mix of city and country.
88. for museums.
89. for art.
90. for sunglasses and corrective lenses.
91. for having parents who always believed in me and encouraged me.
92. for being able to pick up where you left off with old friends.
93. for memories of good times.
94. for living in the same house my whole childhood.
95. for the way things turned out when going "potluck" when picking a dorm in college.
96. that some people see value in old buildings.
97. for brings entertainment, education, and news (regardless of how biased).
98. for corduroy.
99. for my metabolism.
100. for endless possibilities.

And after all this, I say a giant KNOCK ON WOOD.

I must say that I love lists. I would now like to do ones for my favorite things related to the five senses (smells, tastes, etc.). We'll see, though. And Geek has another list idea in her head, too. We could have blogs filled with nothing but lists.

today i feel...

like ass. I'm not feeling great physically but that's not it. Emotionally, I'm not doing well today (having issues with numbers 54, 78, and 86). Part of me thinks that because of that I should not post my Thankful list. The other part of me thinks that's exactly why I should post it. So I am. I just didn't want to include "ass" in the same post...

Saturday, September 09, 2006

number 91

If you go back to my 100 Things list, you will see that I've been keeping a list of things that make me happy for quite some time. I don't know why, but I feel compelled to make the list only one page. This means that as some things get added, others get removed. This also means that margins and fonts change to squeeze in just one more thing. And it means that the things way up at the top are the oldest items on the list (generally speaking). I don't want to have one post be the Happy List, however, so I'm going to reveal it in stages up there at the top. Just thought I'd let you know what you were reading (if you read that part at all).

Thursday, September 07, 2006

time to get ill

So pretty much like clockwork I get sick with allergies that inevitably turn into a sinus infection about twice a year. It's not good. Whatever medication I take (whether it is supposed to make you drowsy or not) makes me drowsy. It gives me that groggy, disconnected feeling. Here's the pattern...wake up and feel ok for about 30-60 minutes. Take drugs. Feel so-so for about 30-60 minutes. Feel super drowsy but manage to stay conscious for about another half hour. Sleep for 90-120 minutes. Wake, rinse, repeat. All day long. This does not make for a productive day but the medicine stops my head from feeling like my brain is trying to escape from all angles. Keep your fingers crossed that a full blown infection doesn't manage to take hold. That will put me out of commission for about a week. Today is Day 2.

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

concert list

I mentioned this idea before and am now following through. Here, in no particular order, is a list of artists I've seen live. The ones I can remember anyway...

1. Depeche Mode (twice)
2. Counting Crows (twice)
3. John Mayer (twice)
4. Willie Nelson (HLSR and the RYMAN!)
5. Dwight Yoakum
6. Chris Isaak
7. Natalie Merchant
8. Tori Amos
9. Pat Green (numerous times)
10. Robert Earl Keen (oodles)
11. Lyle Lovett
12. Roger Creager
13. Reckless Kelly
14. KC & the Sunshine Band
15. Gloria Gaynor
16. Poison
17. Cinderella
18. Journey
19. Def Leppard (twice)
20. Charlie Robison (many times)
21. Jerry Jeff Walker (more than once)
22. Larry Joe Taylor (I don't know that I can count that high)
23. Cory Morrow (bunches)
24. Billy Idol
25. Tim McGraw
26. Jo Dee Messina
27. Marty Stuart
28. Tavares
29. Sister Sledge
30. Sisters Morales
31. KISS

32. Motley Crue
33. Aerosmith
34. Honeybrowne
35. Max Stalling
36. Winger
37. Joe Nichols
38. Jack Ingram
39. Clay Walker
40. Gary P. Nunn
41. Bruce Robison
42. John Evans
43. Faith Hill
44. Graham Weber
45. Slaid Cleaves
46. Madonna (in Paris!)
47. Nine Inch Nails
48. Luther and the Healers
49. The Low Anthem (in Dublin)
50. Ray LaMontagne (in Dublin)
51. Seth Walker
52. Kris Kristofferson
53. Merle Haggard

Depeche Mode was my first concert ever. I'm shocked my mom let me go. We had to drive up to Houston (100 miles). On a school night. It was really fun, though. Recently, one of my friends who I went with back then joined me to relive the experience. Surreal. But still a super fun show.

Note: At the time of this post the list ran through #31. I'm going to add to it, however, to keep track of future concerts.

And some bonus tidbits:

* I have a list of 100 things for which I'm thankful (idea stolen from Geek). However, since she hasn't posted hers I'm waiting to post mine. It was her idea after all. I just didn't want to wait to start mine because I didn't want to be influenced by her list.

* I'm feeling uncertain because I found out today that my supervisor is leaving at the end of the month. Wonder what's going to happen to me? I'm an orphan yet again...

* Also, even though I'm in Austin and could eat anywhere, listen to this hotel menu item. The Ranch Cobb: Chopped greens served with smoked brisket, colby cheddar and pepperjack cheese, caramelized onion, roasted tomato and avocado. Yeah, sounds freakin' good to me, too.

Saturday, September 02, 2006


There's a new addition to the blog. It's that cute smiley (at least it's smiling now) over there that tells you my mood. How fun! Would you like to know how it came to be added?

Geek and I are going to the Body Worlds exhibit on Monday morning. At 6:45...A...M... Yeah. Why so early, you ask? Because that was the best time we could get. I have underestimated the procrastinators. So we tried to get tickets last night to no avail. This morning I tried again. Yet again, the website was not working correctly. Suddenly, struck by genius, I decided to call the ticket office. That's can use this primitive form of communication called a "cell phone" to buy tickets. Guess how long I had to wait? No, really, guess. Are you humoring me? 58 minutes.

During that time I decided to browse other people's blogs for cool ideas. That's where the little mood person came in. Finally getting through to buy tickets--that's why I'm feeling victorious.

On a seemingly unrelated topic, some people put a wish list on their blogs. It lists things they would like to buy or I suppose things they would like to receive as gifts. What do you think about that? As people who may one day buy me a gift, do you think this would be a helpful feature or does it seem, I don't know, greedy or something?

Friday, September 01, 2006

new poll

Everyone, of course, on the last poll was dying to see the new season of Grey's Anatomy. Who can blame them? See new question.

harry potter

Awhile back the comments on some other post turned to Harry Potter and my take on the books. I had never read any of them. I'm not sure why. I think that they started coming out when I wasn't in the mood to read. Grad school really took it out of me. There was so much reading involved and then I'd feel guilty if I read for fun. So I just stopped reading for fun altogether. Then I guess there were other things to read. Then I didn't want to carry around giant hardback books while traveling (where I do much of my reading). And then there were six books out and that felt like a huge commitment when the pile of unread books (other than HP) was HUGE. Ok, so maybe I do know why I haven't read them.

Now I'm done with four of them. Finally. I've seen all the movies so those felt like a little bit of a chore (especially the first three). The movies seem really pretty true to the books. And they're well-made and entertaining. I've just started book five so not much to report there.

I am enjoying them. I'm entertained that people ever thought they were teaching the world's children witchcraft or were anti-Christian or whatever. The kids in the books still celebrate Christmas. You hear of no holidays that aren't also celebrated by Muggles. It's all basic good and evil. Like Star Wars and millions of other stories told throughout time. People just feel the need to get offended sometimes, I think. It's one of the luxuries we have in our society since all of our basic needs our met. Ok, I'm off topic.

I love all the characters. Hermione is great because I could see myself being her. I love how the author tells you what you need to know throughout a particular book so that it all comes together in the end. I like (for the young reader's sake) that she gives you little reminders of things that came before. I love a bit of the Queen's English. They are well-written books and are good for kids of all ages, as they say. And if it gets kids reading, hallelujah.

I'm very glad to be into the new material. I'll let you know how I think the last two were once I'm done (without giving anything away for the few people out there who haven't read them).

Hope everyone has a great Labor Day weekend. Mine is feeling jam-packed (except for tonight...I'm going to enjoy what a has become a rare night at home).