2012 reads

Slightly behind on the 2012 wrap-up this year but doing way better than last year apparently.  Go me.  Anyway, here's the reading list.

Read some of:

  • I know this much is true
  • And Baby Makes Three
  • Hans Anderson's Fairy Tales
  • Baby 411
And read all of:

9. About a Boy
8. The Paris Wife
7. Pregnancy Day by Day
6. Run Like a Mother
5. The Love List
4. Bossypants
3. Mockingjay
2. Catching Fire
1. The Hunger Games

Sad, sad list.  Shortest one ever.  But we did sell a house, buy a house, birth a baby, and keep not one but two kids alive for half the year.  Cutting myself some slack.  Really enjoyed what I read, though.  Loved the Hunger Games series.  Bossypants was funny.  Run Like a Mother, inspiring and motivational.  And really, really enjoyed The Paris Wife.  Made me want to read Hemingway to that may be on the list this year along with 50 Shades of Grey.  We're on vacation later this month so hopefully I'll get a little reading in then.  Woohoo!  Any book suggestions are welcome!


Anonymous said…
If it makes you feel better I read even less, and I have no kiddos! Hoping you are saving all those baby books, I may need to borrow some when I am preggars one day ;)

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