Wednesday, April 30, 2008

i was wrong

So yesterday? Second coolest thing ever. Today? Coolest thing ever. N***'s kids cannot go so I'M GOING TO PARIS! On Saturday! I have no words, only squeals.

coolest thing ever

So yesterday I was going to meet one of my best friends so that we could carpool to meet another friend for some drinks and dinner. I had just gotten off the phone with Friend #1, letting her know I was running a bit late. The radio had been turned down while I was on the phone. I vaguely hear the DJ say, "Is this N*** L*** [insert name of different best friend here]?" And it was N*** L***! She was on the radio screaming with excitement, the perfect radio winner. I was excited for her. Then as the conversation progressed, I was more excited! I was screaming! I was shaking! I was giddy!

Want to know what her prize was?

A trip to see Madonna in concert.

In Paris.

In Paris!

How awesome is that?!?! She'll probably take one of her kids because she's the best mom ever. She really is one of the best people. It made me want to call the radio station and congratulate them on picking the best winner. I was still so excited for her last night that I couldn't fall asleep.

Lately there have been stories of so many things that make me say or think "you just never know what's going to happen" and mean it in a way that you're life is changed forever. For the worse. It was so nice to think that yesterday about something positive for a change. You just never know...

And yea!

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

10 on tuesday (30)

10 Superstitions, Traditions, and/or Personality Quirks
  1. I enjoy eating mashed potatoes and corn in the same meal. When I was little we'd make rows in our mashed potatoes with our forks and then "plant" the corn kernals in them. Now? I just scoop some potatoes on my fork and press them into the corn so some stick. I do not mix any other food items that I can think of.

  2. Before every flight I chant a quick, "Let it be safe, smooth, and uneventful."

  3. I've been reading a book about wedding superstitions. I'd like to stick to the groom-not-seeing-the-bride-the-day-of-the-wedding one.

  4. Not all the time, but when I've been away from home for a few days or more, I check under the toilet seat before I sit down. Hey, it's an old, drafy house. There could really be something under there.

  5. I pet my own head when I'm stressed. I often don't realize I'm doing it but my guess is that Mom comforted me that way when I was little.

  6. I start the day by checking e-mails and blogs. Kinda eases me into working.

  7. It is hard for me to throw things away even when other people would call it junk. I don't hoard. I just think that there's bound to be some use for this someday. There really often is...

  8. I procrastinate on really dumb, easy things sometimes. Currently on the To Do list for more than two weeks? Replace light bulbs in outdoor lamp. Seriously. How hard is that?

  9. It appears that I cry easily at TV and movies. Moreso lately. Not sure what's up with that.

  10. I used to be not so good at spending giftcards. It seemed like that free money should go to something really fabulous. The generic (Visa-type) giftcards made that even more difficult. Lately, though? I've been using them willy nilly just to get them out of my over-stuffed wallet.

Anything kooky about yourself you'd like to share?

Monday, April 28, 2008

new list

So there has been this movie (which I haven't yet seen) and this website (and this one) that have led me to starting my own list. It's going to be over there on the side.


Last week I had a whirlwind travel week. I flew to Memphis on Tuesday morning and instead of coming home that night, I flew to California. Needless to say, it was tiring. Unlike many of my trips, however, I had a little free time. I'll post more on that later but for now, here are some pics of Dodgers Stadium.

I went to the game on Thursday. They have a big, old, open-air ballpark. It nicely faces the hills instead of downtown (even though I love that ours faces downtown). Their hotdogs are called Dodger Dogs. They sing the first verse of "Take Me Out to the Ballgame" twice and then, shockingly, no "Deep in the Heart of Texas." Tsk, tsk. The Wave? Very exciting to them. Also exciting? Hitting beach balls around. But, hey, it is California. They boo more than we do but I sat by some really nice, friendly folks.

Game details? They played Arizona and lost 4-6. Jeff Kent drove in the first Dodger run with a triple. I miss him. It got quite cold that evening and I was ill-prepared. I ended up making it through the 7th and then had to scoot back to the hotel to thaw out my toes.

Thursday, April 24, 2008

my cup runneth over

I've been feeling very fortunate lately. Life has been going so well I've been trying not to think about the proverbial "other shoe dropping." Instead, I'm enjoying it. You can see the first 100 things I'm thankful for here.

I am thankful for/that:

101. The Boyfriend
102. The Brother’s in-laws.
103. currently being pretty darn healthy.
104. my allergies haven’t bothered me as much in the last year.
105. my car—my whim purchase—is still fun to me almost a year later.
106. people love me enough to ask me to be in their weddings.
107. my house!
108. I can do lots of things on my own.
109. people who are around to help me.
110. the right to vote.
111. memories.
112. I’m able to see more of the country because of my job.
113. I had such a great team to work with on my last project.
114. I get to work in psychology again soon!
115. this great weather we’ve been having.
116. I have few dietary restrictions.
117. digital photography.
118. blogs (because everyone needs to waste time once in awhile).
119. I now generally have more money coming in than going out.
120. immunity-boosting yogurt stuff—finally, yogurt I can stomach.
121. 100-calorie packs.
122. the country starting to go “green.”
123. YouTube.
124. my iPod.
125. my critical-thinking skills.
126. my common sense.
127. the world includes things like fruit trees and wildflowers.
128. you can find nearly any recipe you want on the Food Network website.
129. pretty much any question you have can be answered via the internet.
130. my awareness of how good my life is.
131. fewer things bother me now than before.
132. I’m more optimistic than before, too.
133. free hotel stays.
134. music.
135. social services.
136. wikipedia.
137. choices.
138. the invention of tools.
139. having friends with whom to trade books and magazines.
140. online bill pay.
141. medicine.
142. sweet tea.
143. not having to go back to Shreveport.
144. bonuses that are more than $40.
145. reimbursed office expenses.
146. per diems.
147. reasonable hotel allowances and mileage reimbursement.
148. hugs and kisses and cuddling.
149. I live in a MLB city. Go ‘stros!
150. I have the opportunity to volunteer and help kids.
151. Sharpies.
152. source of inspiration.
153. comedy.
154. the end of the writers’ strike.
155. chocolate, champagne, and fresh-cut flowers (individually or together).
156. having someone to kiss at New Years and someone to love on Valentine’s Day.
157. plans.
158. potential.
159. feeling like I really may get my happy ending (which isn’t really an ending at all).
160. all my “fake” parents/families.
161. my real extended family.
162. having tangible things from my childhood.
163. I never started smoking.
164. I don’t have a gambling problem or drug addiction.
165. teleconferences (meetings without traveling that allow one to multitask).
166. paperless options (for bills, for documentation, for correspondence, for paychecks).
167. shelves (could you imagine storing your stuff without them?)
168. some people have the ability to write poetry.
169. encouragement.
170. toilet paper and tissues.
171. the hope that I have enough time left to do everything I want to do.
172. I’m a list person (helps me get stuff done).
173. The Boyfriend doesn’t mind massage.
174. someone (neither Romy nor Michelle) invented Post-Its.
175. someone (not me) understands investing.

Monday, April 21, 2008


Could someone please tell me how to do that thing where you can type but then cross through it? I know how to click the nice little button when I'm word processing but how does one do that here? Thank you. That is all.

Thursday, April 17, 2008

i have

Stole this from Bubba's Sis, but she encouraged the theft.

Have you ever…

(x) Gone on a blind date
(x) Skipped School
( ) Watched someone die
( ) Been to Canada
(x) Been to Mexico
(x) Been to Florida
(x) Been on a plane
(x) Been lost
(x) Been on the opposite side of the country
( ) Gone to Washington , DC
(x) Swam in the ocean
(x) Cried yourself to sleep
( ) Played cops and robbers
(x) Recently colored with crayons
(x) Sang Karaoke
(x) Paid for a meal with coins only?
(x) Done something you told yourself you wouldn’t?
(x) Made prank phone calls
(x) Laughed until some kind of beverage came out of your nose - or other places!
(x) Caught a snowflake on your tongue
( ) Danced in the rain
(x) Written a letter to Santa Claus
( ) Been kissed under the mistletoe
(x) Watched the sunrise with someone you care about
(x) Blown bubbles
( ) Gone ice-skating
( ) Been skinny dipping outdoors

Well, have you?

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

10 on tuesday (29)

I've had problems with my blog all day. Anyone else or is it just me? The topic this week is 10 Favorite Movie Comedies. Some of these may not technically be comedies but I thought about what movies I either found hugely funny at first but over time may not do as much for me (Austin Powers) or ones that I find funny (at least in places) regardless of seeing them a million and one times (The Princess Bride) or ones that really grew on me after awhile (Office Space).
  1. Austin Powers
  2. Ferris Bueller
  3. Finding Nemo
  4. Juno
  5. Office Space
  6. Taladega Nights
  7. The Breakfast Club
  8. The Princess Bride
  9. Tommy Boy
  10. Shrek

Friday, April 11, 2008

recent(ish) stuff--picture post

In no particular order...

The most recent wedding, my friend's from last weekend was held in the country. This was her reception area (taken after we had done most of the set-up). This room was above the newly completed horse stables. Tons of green grass, bluebonnets, and Indian paintbrushes could be seen beyond that window.

Another picture from our perfect day (the day after the wedding). You can almost make out some of the bluebonnets back there.

The Brother, SIL, The Boyfriend, and I went to Opening Day. We also went the day after. Yea!

My orchids are blooming again. KatieLady gave me these for a housewarming present.

Awhile back, The Boyfriend and I had a quick little trip to Vegas. This was the view from our hotel room:

This was one of the decorations in the hotel. Beautiful spinning parasols hanging from the ceiling. They also moved up and down. If only there were room for these in my house.

This was the floor. I just loved the color and the designs...all mosaics.

We ate in Paris before we went to see the Cirque show.

I inherited this kolanchoe from my home's previous owner. I left it for dead awhile back. Then I took pity. It's greened up and this was the first new little flower.

I have more free time! I can blog again! Aren't you excited?

Thursday, April 10, 2008

it sure felt like it

It was Sunday morning and we were chatting before getting out of bed. Feeling slow and easy. Feeling relief that, even though I love doing things for other people, I now had my life back after being stretched too thin for too long. We decided to just throw on some clothes and finger-comb our hair when we heard the other B&B guests coming to the proprietor's late breakfast. Another meal of quiche and fantastic orange not-too-sweet rolls and homemade jam and perfectly cooked salty bacon. We ate and talked and laughed with the other guests. We bathed and got dressed again and packed and headed out only slightly after our 11 o'clock check-out time.

Armed with a vague map, a half a tank of gas, and some locals' stories and suggestions, we headed out of town. Wildflowers abound. We hit one winery that was overcrowded with a bus tour from the city. We walked around a lavender farm and took one of the fledgling plants with us. We tried in vain to find that old bridge they mentioned was getting torn down and replaced by something new. We went back to town for lunch at the most popular little place--with real fountain drinks.

We headed outside of town in the other direction to another winery. This one had an inexpensive yet entertaining tour and tasting. The wine was good. The place was less crowded. We bought our larger samplings of port and sherry and took them, along with our chocolate and pecans, out to the empty porch. The temperature was perfect, the wind breezy, the sky sunny. We had no other place to be, no obligations to keep.

He said, "I wonder if this is what Heaven is like."

Thursday, April 03, 2008

that i'm in anyway - Custom comment codes for MySpace, Hi5, Friendster and more

Off to the country. Giddyup!

Tuesday, April 01, 2008

10 on tuesday (28)

This Saturday is the second of my back-to-back weddings. That I'm in. I cannot begin to tell you how happy I will be when it is over. One of the reasons for that is because I really am jonesin' to work on the house but haven't had time. My list could be endless this week but I'll just stick to ten.

10 Things I'd Fix in My House (if I had the time and money)
  1. The Ugly Bathroom. New floors. Beadboard on the walls. Repainting of the trim. New mirror. New towels, mats, shower curtain. This is the biggest project in my house but I know once it's done, it will be my favorite room.

  2. The sunroom floor. The Brother had to replace some rotted subfloor and we haven't re-tiled yet. It's been quite awhile. It's a little scary. Part of what's slowing us down is that we haven't done a tile project before. Should be a good room in which to learn.

  3. The stairs. The previous owners felt compelled to paint my lovely stairwell a dark navy blue above the white wainscoting. The ceiling, too. And the crown moulding? Gold. Oy. This may actually be my next project. Why? Because The Brother, SIL, and I got a group gift last Christmas of one of those multi-function ladders that can actually turn into scaffolding on stairs. Oooh, ahhh.

  4. The yard. I must admit, The Boyfriend and I worked outside for much of the weekend. Ok, he worked twice as long as I did. Very. Nice. Boy. And it looks so much better. But I still need to just overhaul the beds. Weed pulling. Mulch laying. And a few places even need some plantings.

  5. The guest bath. I'd like to do something with the tile in there. If I had unlimited time and money I'd get new tile completely. What will actually happen? Some sort of work around.

  6. My closet. What closet? It's a weird space. Definitely too small. I have an idea in my head of how it could be expanded to actually fit all my clothes and not need a Container Store clothes rack that I've been using for two years. (And the answer isn't getting rid of clothes.)

  7. The kitchen. New floors. New backsplash. New countertops. What will actually get done one day is finishing and installing the lightbox that my brother built to cover (with flair) the ugly fluorescent light.

  8. The garage. I'd love a new door. Something like these.

  9. The house itself. It could really use some insulation.

  10. The house again. And maybe working windows. The practical but not-so-fun things. Way, way down on the list.