recent(ish) stuff--picture post

In no particular order...

The most recent wedding, my friend's from last weekend was held in the country. This was her reception area (taken after we had done most of the set-up). This room was above the newly completed horse stables. Tons of green grass, bluebonnets, and Indian paintbrushes could be seen beyond that window.

Another picture from our perfect day (the day after the wedding). You can almost make out some of the bluebonnets back there.

The Brother, SIL, The Boyfriend, and I went to Opening Day. We also went the day after. Yea!

My orchids are blooming again. KatieLady gave me these for a housewarming present.

Awhile back, The Boyfriend and I had a quick little trip to Vegas. This was the view from our hotel room:

This was one of the decorations in the hotel. Beautiful spinning parasols hanging from the ceiling. They also moved up and down. If only there were room for these in my house.

This was the floor. I just loved the color and the designs...all mosaics.

We ate in Paris before we went to see the Cirque show.

I inherited this kolanchoe from my home's previous owner. I left it for dead awhile back. Then I took pity. It's greened up and this was the first new little flower.

I have more free time! I can blog again! Aren't you excited?


StaceyG said…
Great pics!! I want to go to Vegas!!
Katie Lady said…
Dude, MY orchid is blooming again, too! And it was a housewarming gift from my Mama! How good are WE that we got our orchids to bloom again?!

I'll post a picture soon....
D... said…
Oh,you stayed at the Wynn. It's gorgeous.

I might have to pilfer your Astros pic. My little boy forgot to bring a camera when he went! :(
What great pics!! I am thrilled that you have more time - for blogging or enjoying The Boyfriend or just whatever your little heart desires! Life is good!

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