it's gettin' hot in here

I had my housewarming party yesterday afternoon. It was a good time. I definitely wouldn't have been able to pull it off without the help of the brother, the brother's girlfriend, the brother's girlfriend's mom (especially), and cph. So props to you guys.

It was probably a dumb idea to be out of town last Thursday-Sunday and then again Tuesday-Thursday. That certainly didn't leave a bunch of time to get ready for a parade of 24 adults, one adorable toddler, and one super cute DrewBear. Friday and right up to the wire on Saturday I had some help getting a million last-minute projects completed and getting the house cleaned. I know no one would have pointed out a dirty floor or said "this wall sure looks bare" but I wanted the house to look her best. (I know no one would have said those things because no one said "wow, why didn't anyone weed these flower beds?")

But I had the time (sort of) to get all those things finished because the brother's girlfriend's mom rocks. She was my caterer and also crafted little recipe books for favors for the guests. I mean, seriously. How nice is that? And her daughter was kind enough to frantically get the food presentable because when guests arrived, they needed a tour and then some snacks.

Everything turned out really well and I'm grateful so many people came. Everyone was more than generous with their time and their gifts. Yes, my house is now very warm indeed.

(For those of you who were there, how funny is it to picture the next line of the song in the title up there? heehee)


Katie Lady said…
It was a great time!!!

And nice to finally meet you! Your house is great, and I'll be asking for lots of pointers for my own little 1920s cottage....
Bubba's Sis said…
I love love LOVE your house! I think I may have said that a few hundred times now. I could totally live there.

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