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I'm in Shreveport. Nothing exciting to report from here, right? WRONG!!!

I'm staying at a B&B with a co-worker and--wait for it--TED DANSON. How funny is that?! I even spoke to him. "If we get annoyingly loud just let us know." He said, "You do the same." And then he said goodnight and we did as well.

I can only hope he'll be at breakfast in the morning. I'm freakishly giddy. It's a good thing it wasn't Brad Pitt, George Clooney, etc. My job rocks.

**UPDATE** Ok, I'm a little less excited about this tonight so I can provide a few more details. He looks good--tall like you would expect and we decided he may have had plugs or else his hairpiece is the best ever. We don't know why he's in Shreveport. One theory we heard today is that his wife's family is here. I don't know about that. He's also got a project in production and had a script with him. (I don't know, maybe all actors carry them around as props.) We heard from the owner that Ted's in town for a month and just wanted to get away from where he's staying for a night. Turns out that he's still here today. There was another sighting but no conversation. We didn't get pictures with him or do anything more than small talk. We didn't want to encroach since he's trying to lay low.

There really isn't anything exciting in Shreveport. However, many movies and tv shows have been filmed here post-Katrina. It's being called "Hollywood South" (by whom I'm not sure). Apparently Katie Holmes (accompanied by crazy Tom Cruise?) is going to be filming starting this month. This concludes today's Shreveport Trivia.

***UPDATE #2*** For anyone still interested, here's the scoop on Ted...


Bubba's Sis said…
Too cool!! You've had a brush with fame!! That makes your Bacon Number be, like 2!!!
angelq said…
Why! was Ted Danson in Shreveport, LA? Is there something to that town that I'm not aware of?

But way cool that you ran into someone and weren't so overwhelmed that you just drooled on yourself.
km said…
how funny...we were just talking about Cliff here at work, now i read this.

did you get a pic w him or something?
Anonymous said…
Yeah, well he's no Bobby Blotzer!!
Jonathon said…
that is awesome! how come this never happens to me when i'm out of town? we even get celebrities here in austin, but i never bump into them.
samantha Jo Campen said…
You better take a sneaky picture if you can't get one with the two of you together. Cuz, like, when is this EVER going to happen again?!?!?

How fun! Congrats on your famous encounter:-)

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