it's friday

And I'm glad. Being gone for four days is too long, especially when you have so much work to do. The leisure side of the trip was enjoyable since I got to live with Ted and a co-worker for a few days. And the B&B was nice. These people haven't even owned it for a year (and it's their first B&B) but they're doing a good job. Very friendly, good breakfasts. They have two houses--one built in the 1870s and one in the 1890s. This old area of Shreveport really is quite picturesque. It's funny how there are parts of the city that are so run down and yet this part--with buildings 100 years older--are beautiful and maintained. It was also nice to be able to talk to the owner about living in an old house and to browse around for ideas.

Yesterday morning we also met the new local news reporter who was staying in the B&B. And I forgot to mention that last Thursday we went to see Larry Joe Taylor (for the umpteenth time) in Kemah. We sat in the front row with none other than Larry Dierker. I must be giving off pseudo-celebrity vibes.

So now I'm back to the real world a there sure is a long to-do list. Some of it is work stuff including calling IT because of more computer problems. A lot of it is personal stuff. I need to prioritize. There's all the regular life stuff like sorting mail, paying bills, wrapping presents, etc. Then there's the whole other (larger) category of house stuff. I really need to just draw a line and say "this is all I can do before the housewarming" and "this is all I can do between the housewarming and the baby shower." I know people won't care if I don't get these things done but it would just be nice...

Off to work. I may only focus on the work that needs limited mental effort and save the rest for next week. Have a good weekend! And happy birthday to the brother.


Bubba's Sis said…
Cool that you met Larry Dierker - so are you the one that convinced him to pull Lidge as a closer?
Bubba's Sis said…
OK, I realize Dierker doesn't actually make the decisions for the Astros, but what I MEANT was did you convince him to convince Garner to pull Lidge......

You know what I mean.
StaceyG said…
I think people put way too much pressure on themselves when they host a party. I mean, how many guests will be sitting around evaluating your level of tidiness or if the kitchen has been painted or not?

Now try to attract A list celebrities! I wanna hear about you and Brad Pitt at the next B&B! =)

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