one more time--we are family

So remember that last post? I'm going to boil it down to just being how those specific members of the family are (at least with us). I think it's a person thing instead of a family thing. Here's why...

Last night the brother and I had 9 members of our family down. First, if you know me, you think it's weird that I've seen this much family in so short a time. It is. Anyway, we had our twin cousins and their husbands (all in their 40s) and their 5 kids (approximately 12 and 17-20). We had a really good time.

These were some family members we were closest to before Mom died. (I'd like to interject here that it really was such a defining moment that--especially with family--there was life before it and life after.) When we get together it's more like no time has passed. It has, of course, because we've only seen each other maybe once every 18 months or longer over the last 10 years. But we talk about more meaningful stuff. I do leave feeling like I know these people a little better. And I like that. That's the kind of person I am...all superficial conversation all the time bothers me. Maybe that's why I majored in psychology.

It was a good visit, and I hope we get together more often like was always say we should. Because we really are family.


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