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123 meme

Greenish Lady has tagged me for this meme. I saw it over at Bubba's Sis' awhile back so if you haven't done it already, feel free. If you are blogless, you can add yours to the comments if you find it particularly interesting.

The Rules:
1. Pick up the nearest book.
2. Open to page 123
3. Find the fifth sentence.
4. Post the next three sentences.
5. Tag five people, and acknowledge who tagged you. (I'm ignoring this one but 4 out of 5 isn't bad, right?)

My book is actually Dooce'sthings I learned about my dad (in therapy)...just got it yesterday and am about halfway through thanks to flight delays. I recommend it--great Father's Day gift. Anyway, here's the quote (from a chapter by Dooce herself):

Have I ever told you about that one time I heard my dad pass gas, and just as I was about to laugh, a red laser shot out of his eye and seared a 2-inch hole in my skull? I couldn't remember who I was for weeks. I still have a hard time remembering dates.

Come on? W…

not winning any diet awards

So I'm stressed. When I'm stressed I often want to eat foods that are really bad for me. Lunch today? Sonic. The bacon cheeseburger toaster sandwich. Hamburger, bacon, cheese on toasty goodness. "No veggies," I said. When the girl asked me if I still wanted the onion ring that comes on it I said, "Yes. Fried vegetables do not count as vegetables."

i need a nap

Things have been surprisingly busy this month. At first, nothing was planned. I was expecting things to pick up a bit with work, but I had enough free time to help out some co-workers. Then I had the ridiculously unexpected Paris trip. And this NYC trip had been mentioned awhile back but suddenly snuck up on us and last-minute plans were made and we actually went. Work is tugging me in many different directions, and I'm gone most of the week again this week. So, yeah, I need a nap.

This week I flew to Cincinnati for work. The airport is technically in Kentucky so that knocked out two states in one. I didn't really have much time to see much of anything in either state, however. Such is the life of a business traveler... But Cincinnati is pretty. It reminded me of Pittsburgh. (When I can say things like that, it makes me feel fancy.)

Then I headed to New York (via New Jersey) on Thursday night. The Boyfriend had been there this week with his job. We took advantage and I joined hi…


And suddenly? I've been to 4 new states this week. In fact, I was in 4 states yesterday (and none of them were Texas). Weirdly, that only ties my record but I think the fact that none of them were Texas makes it a bit cooler. And, again, weirder.

The Boyfriend was here for work, and I joined him. Due to crappy flight delays, we missed seeing Wicked last night. So sad... We may try to rearrange our loose plans to get it in tonight. Have a great weekend!

i know i posted it

But I can't stand to see that photo (below) at the top of my blog. Here's a quote from today. I like it.

Happiness is like a butterfly which, when pursued, is always beyond our grasp, but, if you will sit down quietly, may alight upon you.
— Nathaniel Hawthorne
There. That's better.

can we say scary?

Carrot Top. Seriously. And I thought he was scary before... (photo courtesy of

like a giraffe's neck

You should make one of those life lists like I have down there on the side. Whoever you are…if you’re reading this, you should do it. You should not just think vague thoughts about what you’d like your future—your life—to hold. You should write down specific goals or places you want to go or feelings you want to have. You should do it today.

You’re thinking, “Geez, woman, that’s a whole lot of “shoulds” for someone who majored in psychology.” I’ll tell you why you should do it. How long ago did I post that? Seventeen days. Here’s what’s happened since.

Visiting every ballpark? I now have tickets to visit two more between next week and the beginning of July. I have places I need to go for work that—if the timing is right—will allow me to visit a few more than that.

See a show on Broadway? I’m going next Thursday.

Visit every continent? I checked the second one of the list last week.

Visit every state? I’m going to two, maybe three, next week.

Kiss the one I love under the Eiffe…

i really should be working

If nothing else, I need to sort through the tons of e-mails in my inbox. But, really, who would possibly be looking forward to doing that on a Monday morning after a week of amazing vacation? No one here, that's for sure.

And I have to leave for San Diego this afternoon. Until there's more time, I leave you with a few pictures to tide you over--my favorite picture from each day of the trip.

(Perhaps my favorites have something to do with how I was holding the camera? All "portraits," no "landscapes.")


I'm still alive. I'm still in Paris. My feet and my camera-clicking finger hurt. Can't wait to post about it all! Hope you're well.


I have some now. I cannot believe that I'll be on a plane heading to Paris in less than 48 hours. I cannot believe it.

As I've mentioned before, I wasn't raised with money. We didn't go on vacations. In fact, I didn't leave Texas until I was 17. It was for a school trip. The high school band drove to Orlando to march in the Disney parade. I guess I had already been conditioned at that point to not count on things. To not get too excited too far in advance because you never know when plans are going to fall through. When did I get excited? About the time we crossed the state line into Louisiana. Seriously. When did it hit me that we were in Florida? When I saw Cinderella's castle.

My first plane ride was just short of my 21st birthday. It was to exotic Phoenix to visit a friend. I only flew one or two handfuls of times between then and when I started traveling for work.

When I started my first job in research, the luck of the draw lande…