i need a nap

Things have been surprisingly busy this month. At first, nothing was planned. I was expecting things to pick up a bit with work, but I had enough free time to help out some co-workers. Then I had the ridiculously unexpected Paris trip. And this NYC trip had been mentioned awhile back but suddenly snuck up on us and last-minute plans were made and we actually went. Work is tugging me in many different directions, and I'm gone most of the week again this week. So, yeah, I need a nap.

This week I flew to Cincinnati for work. The airport is technically in Kentucky so that knocked out two states in one. I didn't really have much time to see much of anything in either state, however. Such is the life of a business traveler... But Cincinnati is pretty. It reminded me of Pittsburgh. (When I can say things like that, it makes me feel fancy.)

Then I headed to New York (via New Jersey) on Thursday night. The Boyfriend had been there this week with his job. We took advantage and I joined him this time. Like I mentioned before, we ended up missing Wicked. We put our names in the ticket lottery the next night but didn't end up winning. The whole trip was just kind of floating on the breeze so we ended up seeing Young Frankenstein (on a spur of the moment decision). It was quite entertaining and the production was very good. The lead was this guy. Desperate Housewives fans, do you recognize him?

We also did a little bus touring and some Yankee game watchin' and some museum visiting and some food eating. The Boyfriend has some family north of the city so we stayed with them a few nights and got in a bit of visiting. Overall, really good trip that wasn't nearly long enough. At least there's an extra day of weekend.

Yankee game--my thoughts

  • I have mixed feelings about any old ballpark being replaced by a new one.
  • The new ballpark looks nice from the outside.
  • The old one looks nice, too. And so much history.
  • There were about 53,000 fans there. For some reason it didn't seem like it was that big of a place.
  • The fans were not crazy or cursing or brawling. I was a little disappointed.
  • I liked hearing the beer guys yell, "Hey! Beuh!"
  • The Yanks beat the Mariners 12-6.
  • I got to see some pinch hitting by Morgan Ensberg. I guess there's an old Astro everywhere these days.
  • I do not enjoy how the seats are numbered (in our section at least). "So this row is D and this row behind it is D? Huh." Lots of people seemed confused.
  • We had hotdogs (which were quite good and only 3 bucks) and some ice cream.


Bubba said…
I'm having a hard time believing a $3 hotdog. Was it a bootleg hotdog? We were paying I believe $4.50 upstairs.

Two row D's are a box, it is box D with seats 1-8. The Astrodome box seats were like this as well, no one ever seemed to understand it.
cjh said…
I swear...$3 hotdogs. Cheaper than Houston. It was like another dimension or something.

And I guess I don't remember that about the Astrodome. I was a yout...so long ago.
StaceyG said…
I remember the Dome seating being the same confusing thing. I heart NY. Glad you got to go!
Katie Lady said…
I also need to comment that Yankee stadium is a dump, you should go upstairs. If you were in a box, I'll bet you were downstairs. Upstairs, it's not so great. It's fine, you're right, and MUCH better than Fenway Park. THAT place is really a dump.
Katie Lady said…
I don't believe the $3 hot dogs. Inside the stadium? Where did you sit? Email me details. Oh, another note about Yankee stadium, everything is priced 75 cents. So I was wrong, hotdogs went up to $4.75 so the vendor can keep the quarter. (they never passed it back). Beer was $7.75 if I remember correctly, but they expect to be tipped. Yankee stadium workers are union too, but not at Shea.

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