i really should be working

If nothing else, I need to sort through the tons of e-mails in my inbox. But, really, who would possibly be looking forward to doing that on a Monday morning after a week of amazing vacation? No one here, that's for sure.

And I have to leave for San Diego this afternoon. Until there's more time, I leave you with a few pictures to tide you over--my favorite picture from each day of the trip.

(Perhaps my favorites have something to do with how I was holding the camera? All "portraits," no "landscapes.")


angelq said…
I, too, seem to favor the "portrait" photos over the "landscape" ones.
GreenishLady said…
Beautiful! I seem to be immersed in Paris ever since my return a week ago! Thank you for yet another glimpse! Looks like it was just wonderful for you.
Katie Lady said…
Oooooh, I'm SO jealous!!! Looks like a great time, and it really takes me back. Ah, like my throw pillow says 'I'd Rather Be In Paris.' ~sigh~

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