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And suddenly? I've been to 4 new states this week. In fact, I was in 4 states yesterday (and none of them were Texas). Weirdly, that only ties my record but I think the fact that none of them were Texas makes it a bit cooler. And, again, weirder.

The Boyfriend was here for work, and I joined him. Due to crappy flight delays, we missed seeing Wicked last night. So sad... We may try to rearrange our loose plans to get it in tonight. Have a great weekend!


D... said…
I hope you are able to see Wicked tonight. I saw it in Houston. Loved.It!

Enjoy NYC! I was getting ready to go there this time last year. Sigh.
Katie Lady said…
Again, SOOOO jealous of you and your travel plans! We never managed to see Wicked in the 3 years we lived there, it was a hard-to-come-by ticket. Sorry you missed it, but hopefully it will work out!

Bubba said…
You should go to the Dive Bar at 96th and Amsterdam (Upper West, 1,2,3 to 96th the walk over). It was our local bar, we drank for free one night.
Cheryl said…
Finally had a minute to read your latest blog entries. I'm so out of date with all the happenings in your life! Amazing what a few years can do to a person's life, huh? You deserve every good thing that comes your way.

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