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something fun everyday: days 8 & 9

Yesterday evening we went for our usual walk. Dog, baby, and me. We have fairly friendly folks in our neighborhood but there's nothing to get people talking like being accompanied by and dog AND a baby. We chatted with multiple people we hadn't met before. One woman asked how old the baby was. She said she remembers seeing me walk the dog when I was pregnant. One man showed us his old Boxer so I could see what Maggie would look like one day (not that I needed that but it was still nice to chat). The most fun thing, however, was watching the kids on the basketball court. The fire department was using a truck to water the grass and trees in the park but they were spraying the water really high so that the kids could run crazily under it. I swear, if I hadn't been so tired I might have joined them. Their "something fun everyday" may have ended when the crazy woman (dog & baby) ran around with them.

Today the fun was finishing up with work a little early. It boug…

something fun everyday: days 5, 6 & 7

Friday = Day 5. I treated myself to a facial. My skin has been a wreck post-baby. Recent stress, travel, and drought conditions have done nothing to improve things. So yea for the facial. But these days? Even just lying around for an hour is heavenly.

Saturday = Day 6. Eeeee! The babies got to meet! We captured the moment on video. Perhaps one day of these 30 will be me figuring out how to get that on here. But something tells me that would fall into a 30 Days of Frustration list... Also? We got Tookie's! Praise tiny baby Jesus, they're open again.

Sunday = Day 7. We had lunch with the in-laws. They're back from their long European vacation. It was good to catch up over Mexican food. Later, Hubby and I got to nap on the couch while the baby slept in her crib. Priceless.

month seven

What a month! Chicken, it has been very eventful whether you realize it or not. (I'm going with not.) And, for the record, I wrote most of this on the right day--I was just out-of-town. Daddy took your Month 7 pics.

First, you were a little sick this month. You had a cold and were quite snotty. You had to miss your auntie's baby shower but you recovered without a doctor's visit. You were not a fan of the bulb syringe. Mama ordered a new-fangled alternative where we'll have to suck the snot out. Don't worry, though, it's not supposed to actually go into Mama's mouth. Gag. Hopefully we won't need to try it out for a long time but folks tell me it's great.

You also had some follow-up tests for your UTI. You did great during them. Well, you actually weren't really thrilled with the ultrasound portion but I think that was because you thought I was putting you down for a nap. Towards the end of the x-ray portion you really were ready for a nap so you …

something fun everyday: day 4

Today was full of fun. I worked on-site with my manager. She's really awesome. Best one I've ever had. It's not often that I get to work with someone while on-site so that was fun. And since it was such an easy day (at a good site) we ended up just visiting most of the time. I also was able to come home and finally hold my new little niece! She's so cute and small and snuggly. So light weight compared to the Chicken. And, finally, I was able to make it home home. Chicken was in bed already but at least I got to stare at her. Oh, and I also got Freebirds. Was a good day.

something fun everyday: day 3

Sometimes you plan fun and sometimes it just happens to you. I had to travel today. Blah. I don't like being away from home very much anymore unless I can take my family with me. I'm rarely able to do that. I especially don't want to leave when my husband had been gone the entire week before. But work is work. This morning I made it through security (which was bad--why? Shouldn't you people have kids in school now?) and had been seated at my gate for about 2 minutes when my cousin walked up. We were on the same flight. We chatted for a few minutes and then we needed to board. We ended up sitting together (sorry, her boss, for neglecting you) and chatted the whole way. It was so nice to visit and so unexpected. A much nicer way to start the day than doing work on the plane. But because I need to, I'll be doing work here in a bit. Here's to inviting the fun in...

something fun everyday: day 2

It's a big one...

Become an auntie!!! I was so excited to meet her this morning that I had to distract myself with WORK until visiting hours started. But since her Mommy and Daddy haven't posted any pictures, I won't yet either. Instead, you can get a few of the Chicken from this morning (with photo bombing Maggie). She's awfully excited to meet her cousin but won't be able to for a few days. I can't tell you how much I'm looking forward to these two baby girls growing up together. It's going to be awesome.

I like how she looks suspicious in this first one.

something fun everyday: day 1

I'm late jumping on this bandwagon. So late that I'm probably not even on the wagon but dragging behind it--way behind it--hanging on by a rope, bouncing along kicking up dust. That, by the way, will not be something I do for fun over the next 30 days...

Who doesn't need more fun? Also? Who doesn't need something light and quick to post about because she's feeling like the blog is super neglected? Me. And also me.

Today, I'm making banana yeast bread. It's a new recipe, per Hubby's request, that doesn't use baking soda or baking powder but (shockingly) yeast to make the dough rise. You know, hopefully. It's currently sitting in the warm junk sunroom and, boy howdy, does it smell good.

Fun thing #2 is that I'm at home and not in Florida for work.