something fun everyday: day 1

I'm late jumping on this bandwagon. So late that I'm probably not even on the wagon but dragging behind it--way behind it--hanging on by a rope, bouncing along kicking up dust. That, by the way, will not be something I do for fun over the next 30 days...

Who doesn't need more fun? Also? Who doesn't need something light and quick to post about because she's feeling like the blog is super neglected? Me. And also me.

Today, I'm making banana yeast bread. It's a new recipe, per Hubby's request, that doesn't use baking soda or baking powder but (shockingly) yeast to make the dough rise. You know, hopefully. It's currently sitting in the warm junk sunroom and, boy howdy, does it smell good.

Fun thing #2 is that I'm at home and not in Florida for work.


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