something fun everyday: day 3

Sometimes you plan fun and sometimes it just happens to you. I had to travel today. Blah. I don't like being away from home very much anymore unless I can take my family with me. I'm rarely able to do that. I especially don't want to leave when my husband had been gone the entire week before. But work is work. This morning I made it through security (which was bad--why? Shouldn't you people have kids in school now?) and had been seated at my gate for about 2 minutes when my cousin walked up. We were on the same flight. We chatted for a few minutes and then we needed to board. We ended up sitting together (sorry, her boss, for neglecting you) and chatted the whole way. It was so nice to visit and so unexpected. A much nicer way to start the day than doing work on the plane. But because I need to, I'll be doing work here in a bit. Here's to inviting the fun in...


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