something fun everyday: days 8 & 9

Yesterday evening we went for our usual walk. Dog, baby, and me. We have fairly friendly folks in our neighborhood but there's nothing to get people talking like being accompanied by and dog AND a baby. We chatted with multiple people we hadn't met before. One woman asked how old the baby was. She said she remembers seeing me walk the dog when I was pregnant. One man showed us his old Boxer so I could see what Maggie would look like one day (not that I needed that but it was still nice to chat). The most fun thing, however, was watching the kids on the basketball court. The fire department was using a truck to water the grass and trees in the park but they were spraying the water really high so that the kids could run crazily under it. I swear, if I hadn't been so tired I might have joined them. Their "something fun everyday" may have ended when the crazy woman (dog & baby) ran around with them.

Today the fun was finishing up with work a little early. It bought me a bit of time to be able to visit with The Brother, SIL, and new niece. Yea!

Unfortunately, the baby is now napping. At 6:30. This won't end well...


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