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I know there is absolutely no reason for you to be (given the infrequency of posts), but are you still here?  Does anyone read this besides me?  Just curious. 

Would it help if I said I was going to try to post a house photo tour soon?

How about kitchen reno progress?

And, for the first time, a prompt monthly letter to Buns tomorrow?

Anyone?  Anyone?  Surely I'm not the only one who procrastinates at work once in awhile...

second month

Dear Buns,

I'm starting to wonder if I'll ever get one of these written and posted on the actual day you turn another month older.  To be fair, you were born on the 31st.  You don't realize it yet but not every month has 31 days.  I didn't even think about this until last month and decided I would take your pictures on the last day of each month. In some ways that's easier and in others a little more complicated.  In other words, it's exactly like you.

During your second month you have remained a very good eater.  Yesterday you weighed 13 pounds (thirteen!) and we're 22.5" long.  I think they underestimated your length, however.  We'll see next time.  I looked back and your sister was exactly this length but weighed less than 11 pounds.  You're a big, healthy guy.  One interesting note--your pediatrician estimates that you'll be 5' 10.5" based on Mama and Daddy's heights.  That's not too bad.

In addition to being a chunky m…