second month

Dear Buns,

I'm starting to wonder if I'll ever get one of these written and posted on the actual day you turn another month older.  To be fair, you were born on the 31st.  You don't realize it yet but not every month has 31 days.  I didn't even think about this until last month and decided I would take your pictures on the last day of each month. In some ways that's easier and in others a little more complicated.  In other words, it's exactly like you.

During your second month you have remained a very good eater.  Yesterday you weighed 13 pounds (thirteen!) and we're 22.5" long.  I think they underestimated your length, however.  We'll see next time.  I looked back and your sister was exactly this length but weighed less than 11 pounds.  You're a big, healthy guy.  One interesting note--your pediatrician estimates that you'll be 5' 10.5" based on Mama and Daddy's heights.  That's not too bad.

In addition to being a chunky monkey, you also have a cute belly button.  It's swirly and reminds me of a cinnamon roll.

A few fun developments this month--you started smiling for real at about 4 1/2 weeks. Not just gas or in your sleep.  Actually, why do people think it's gas?  I've never had a kid who enjoys gas.  Mine scream bloody murder.  Anyway, yes, you smile for me and sometimes for Daddy.  You don't hide your smiles like your sister did.  And I love them.  You smile with your whole face.  I don't know if it's that or because you've laughed in your sleep since very early on but I think you're going to be a funny guy.  The other exciting thing is that you have found your hands.  You often suck on a finger or two or your whole fist.

This month we have started jogging again.  You and me.  You enjoy the jogging stroller most of the time.  We go in the morning after Daddy and your sister leave.  You look around at first and then you fall asleep.  Jogging is hard work.  When we go for evening walks you are sometimes cranky both in a stroller and the Baby Bjorn.  But other times you enjoy it.  I noticed earlier this week that you like to look at the trees.  My mother said the same thing about me as a baby.  That makes me happy but also makes me miss your grandmother.  I think she'd love you very much, especially your red hair.

One interesting local event this month was the space shuttle stopping through on its way to California.  It was the last time a shuttle would be here.  I loaded you up and we went to see it fly over Ellington.  Then we came home and it flew right over our house.  Very low.  Right over.  Mama's still trying to forgive herself for not having a camera.  But I think about this John Mayer song that basically mentions that sometimes it's good to just experience life instead of watching it through a camera lens.  That's the John Mayer Mama loved--not this douche (sorry, it's the best description) he's become.  I hope no one ever thinks that description fits you.  Be a good man, Buns.  I guess if you aren't, you'll blame it on that nickname...  Sorry, Mama got a little off track there.

What else?  You're sleeping about the same which means Mama is still pretty tired.  You and your sister are still getting along.  We sent out your birth announcements and people surprisingly sent some gifts and cards even though you aren't the firstborn.  It's nice to know people love you already, even people who haven't met you.

I guess I've saved the biggest event for last (even though it happened at the beginning of the month).  You had a very high fever for such a young baby and Mama had to take you to the emergency room one night.  It was very scary.  We had been to the pediatrician that morning to follow up on your jaundice, and you had been stuck with a needle 5 times already.  You have difficult veins right now it seems.  At the ER, they stuck you several more times, cathed you, took a chest x-ray, and did a lumbar puncture.  That was the scariest for me.  It was sad to see you go through all of it but no one knew what was wrong.  It could be something big or small.  Mama just sat there alone with you, bargaining with you and God and the universe.  I just wanted you to be ok.  They ended up admitting you and you got stuck 16 times in less than 24 hours by the time they were finally able to place the IV.  Mama didn't cry until about stick #14.  You were so sad each time, and I had been up for nearly 24 hours at that point.  You got antibiotics, a fever reducer, and some fluids and were good to go.  It miraculously took your jaundice away, too. Turned out it was probably just roseola.  Thank goodness.  Then Mama got it the following week.  It was miserable, and I felt even more sorry for you.

So that's about it.  Quite an eventful month.  I'm super glad you're here.  Let's try for a little more low-key next month.  Although, Mama goes back to work and you start daycare and you get baptized and lots of people will meet you for the first time so maybe it won't be low-key after all.


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