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We made full use of our costumes this year.  We visited a corn maze prior to Halloween, then Halloween proper (including school and trick-or-treating that night), then a Halloween party the next day (today), and finally we're going trick-or-treating at our favorite neighbors' tomorrow as they were at the football game last night.

We all dressed up as characters from Frozen--some of us more low-key than others.  Even our pumpkin joined in the fun.  I imagine it's the only year we'll be able to do this as the kids are starting to have opinions of their own.  She already had the Elsa dress for, you know, dressing up.  But we did make her a cape and jazzed up some Cinderella shoes.  Her hair got a few snowflakes and she had a crown that she has misplaced.  He was Sven as I couldn't get him to be Olaf but I think this turned out better.  Whipped up Daddy's costume in about 5 minutes, and I did a quick-n-dirty job on embroidery for mine.  The Olaf pumpkin was pretty…