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Awhile back I realized what makes life (and blogging) interesting sometimes is the part of today that makes it stand out. What happened today that was different from any other day? Sometimes you are hard-pressed to find anything. Other days, it's simple. So for June... 4th : The Boyfriend's first birthday since we met. 5th & 6th : Finally getting a grip on one of my new studies. Thank goodness for the help of kind whose job should not have included training me. 8th : Went sailing on The Boyfriend's dad's boat for the first time. Also planted our tree babies. This was the first time I planted trees that I actually had to then take care of... They are both still alive and growing. 13th : Last last day in Shreveport. 14th : My first time seeing the Yankees play in Minute Maid Park. (Oddly enough, second time to see them this season.) 15th : Fantastic day at the local winery--complete with tour, tastings, food, live blues, and dancing. 18th & 19

happy blogoversary to me

Two years ago today I started blogging. Yea me! It was a very productive yet fun weekend. I'll try to get pics up later this week. Yea for house projects!

so it's a week later

I have been very busy this week trying to get lots of work done and trying to remember not to call The Brother (who is out of the country) and trying to find a little more balance and trying to keep my sanity. And traveling. You know what I want to do? Work in the yard. Gasp! I know! But I don't want to mow (even thought that REALLY needs to be done). And I don't want to trim trees. Or weed the beds. Or get rid of that vine that is slowly creeping its way towards the house where it will kill us all. What I want to do is plant stuff. If you could see this place right now you'd think the last thing I need to do is put more stuff in the ground. But see, I have this little bed on the side of the garage and another one near the back entrance to the porch. And they have basically been stripped down except for a few weeds. I want to redo those. I even had inspiration on the plane last night (which has been happening a lot lately). Maybe this weekend the garage bed will get a mak

and as proof...

The woot shirt of the day already sold out. Here's what it looked like and was entitled "It's Going Out Faster Than It's Coming In." I mean, it really is a cute shirt but I find humor in people shelling out the cash to buy it. heehee (Photo courtesy of )

look out, blogosphere

. The Brother has a blog. Visit him here . .

two years

It's my jobiversary. I'm celebrating by feeling inadequate. And also by visiting lovely Shreveport. For the last last time. I swear. Thank goodness my anniversary wasn't yesterday because that would have meant celebrating by being trapped on a plane for an hour with several very bad-smellin' folks. Yes, more than one person. With over-the-top body odor. Woohoo.


Not much going on but I thought I'd post a little something to remove the angry post from the top position. I've worked through the desperate overwhelmed stage with work, knowing full well that a person only gets so much time to whine before they either have to shut up or do something about it. I'm choosing the latter. Still not feeling great about it all but at least I'm mobile again. Baby steps... Read an e-mail today about why Obama is the anti-Christ. Great, people. Because you saying something that ridiculous makes me want to support him even if he actually turned out to be the anti-Christ. Would be more effective to make your point, stopping just short of crazy. Even though I have lots of work work to do, I'd rather be doing projects around the house. Maybe this weekend (even though all weekends seem to be filling up quite quickly as of late). That's about it around here. Anyone have anything exciting?

dear self-absorbed, arrogant ass on flight 194

I was so compelled to yell at you (or at least speak in a stern, appalled manner) as you boarded the plane today. I was shocked at your reaction when the flight attendant asked you if you would rather delay the flight so that we could wait for an aisle chair to move a woman to her seat in Row 17 or trade your Row 7 seat for hers. That you chose the former and seemed genuinely put out at the mere suggestion made me want to stomp on your foot. I know you didn’t witness the elderly woman’s painful trek to Row 7. You didn’t hear her anguished plea to rest part way there as a flight attendant practically carried her. Or how she was nauseous and near tears after that brief “walk.” But I don’t think I would have needed to experience that to feel compassion for a person who needs a wheelchair to make it down 10 rows. Although no spring chicken, you certainly seemed able-bodied enough. Thank goodness another man was willing to shuffle around so that you could have your precious Row 7--across t

the boyfriend

Thirty-two years ago today, The Boyfriend was born. I had to wait 31 of those years (plus 2 months and 6 days) to meet him. What a tragedy… But at least I met him and can now tell you ten reasons (among many and in no particular order) why I’m not letting him go. 1. He is very smart. Smarter than yours truly. Smarter than that person who was first in your class. So smart that sometimes you have to look up a word he uses in a casual e-mail but totally play it off like you knew what it meant the whole time. 2. He’s quite good-looking. If you’ve seen him, you can vouch for that. Nice hands and eyes and runner’s legs and crooks that I tuck into nicely. And the bonus of not having funky boy feet. 3. He’s responsible, dependable, reliable. A person you can trust. A person you know will be faithful and honest. 4. He’s supportive. He’ll step up when he knows I’m stressed or overwhelmed or overworked and suddenly my lawn is mowed or my dishwasher is unloaded or my hand is held or my back is ru

if i had twitter...

I’d tell you that I suddenly realized earlier today that I was on my way from LA to Detroit via Houston while wearing a t-shirt from Nashville and jotting down notes on hotel stationary from Scottsdale.

violent phlegms

So I've been sickly since Tuesday but at least I'm on drugs. Today I feel better, sound worse, and am at that coughing-stuff-up stage. Blah. Personal stuff? Work? Overwhelmed still. It just doesn't feel like there's time for everything. Again. And I have people from work looking at my schedule and trying to cram even more into it. What they don't get is that I don't know what the hell I'm doing. I need time to learn my new studies before they overwhelm me (further) with tasks. I'm pretty much feeling immobilized. There's so much to do and it's all "high priority" and instead of doing any of it, I just want to sit here rocking back and forth or maybe curl up in the fetal position. And then I get this as my quote o’ the day: Besides the noble art of getting things done, there is the noble art of leaving things undone. The wisdom of life consists in the elimination of non-essentials. — Lin Yutang Now could someone just send me an e-mai