Awhile back I realized what makes life (and blogging) interesting sometimes is the part of today that makes it stand out. What happened today that was different from any other day? Sometimes you are hard-pressed to find anything. Other days, it's simple.

So for June...
  • 4th: The Boyfriend's first birthday since we met.
  • 5th & 6th: Finally getting a grip on one of my new studies. Thank goodness for the help of kind co-workers...one whose job should not have included training me.
  • 8th: Went sailing on The Boyfriend's dad's boat for the first time. Also planted our tree babies. This was the first time I planted trees that I actually had to then take care of... They are both still alive and growing.

  • 13th: Last last day in Shreveport.
  • 14th: My first time seeing the Yankees play in Minute Maid Park. (Oddly enough, second time to see them this season.)
  • 15th: Fantastic day at the local winery--complete with tour, tastings, food, live blues, and dancing.
  • 18th & 19th: Finally getting a grip on my other new study. Praise tiny baby Jesus. I may dig myself out of this hole yet.
  • 22nd: The Boyfriend and I hung out first light fixture together. Oooh, ahhh. You know what that is, people? A chandelier in the potty. Are we high class or what? And it's on a dimmer. Can you think of a better idea? And the chandelier itself? I had picked this one out for this purpose months ago but the only one they had in the store was broken. Went in last weekend? On sale 75% off.

  • 23rd: Interviewing someone over the phone to possibly participate in one of my new studies. What makes this weird? This person was the same person who hired me into research years ago. I'd be reviewing her work.
  • 26th: Counting my lucky stars for my time off the road. A week and a half!


Bubba's Sis said…
I am LOVING that chandelier, girl! I have always wanted something like that over my bathtub - but the potty? Brilliant!
Katie Lady said…
Where did you get the chandelier?

What kind of trees?
cjh said…
The chandelier at Lowe's for $18.

The trees are a Mexican White Oak and a Tulip Poplar.
Anonymous said…
love, love, love the chandelier!!

cjh said…
28th: See the Astros beat the Red Sox at our ballpark.
StaceyG said…
After our little vacation, I have much more appreciation for business travelers!!

Does hanging a chandelier together progress you to the next step of your relationship? =)

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